All you need to know about TikTok Gifts-2020

You must have heard about TikTok Gifts, so if you want to know about this then read this post completely because today in this post I will tell you what are the TikTok Gifts? and what are the benefits of them?

What are the types of “TikTok Gifts”?

Here I want to tell you one thing, there are two types of gifts on TikTok so people are confused about these TikTok gifts that what are the types of TikTok Gifts? So these two types of TikTok Gifts are-

  1. When a guy comes live on TikTok in which he talks to us face to face, then we can send him a gift like Panda (5coins), Love bang:(25coins), Sun cream (50coins), etc. and on sending those gifts, some coins from our TikTok account are reduced.
  2. Other types of gifts are those gifts that are delivered by TikTok to the TikTok Creator’s home like – watch, mobiles, etc. These gifts are sent by Tiktok to very famous people on cable tick talk.

TikTok Gifts are only given to those people who are quite popular on TikTok. If you use TikTok then you must have seen live videos at some time.

In live videos, one person comes and performs online and all his followers can watch the same “live” and can send some Gifts along with it.

If you want to send a gift to someone on TikTok then it is very important to have TikTok coins because without TikTok coins you cannot send a gift.

How to purchase TikTok coins

Therefore, first of all, you have to do coin purchases which you can do by purchasing TikTok coin from the option that you give to make a TikTok payment. Only then can you send a gift on TikTok to the fellow who goes live and streaming their video.

How many coins are needed to send which gift? it is all written under those Gifts. When you send a gift to someone using your TikTok coins, then those TikTok coins go away from your account as a diamond in the account of the guy who was streaming live and whom you sent the gifts.

TikTok gifts

Now comes the Point of what diamonds are, so let me tell you, you cannot purchase diamonds on TikTok, it is available only to those people who are quite popular on TikTok because it is only used by people by their coins Favorites can be sent to a TikTok star who gets converted as a diamond.

What are the benefits of TikTok Gifts

First of all, you have to know what is the benefit of the Gifts we send to others on TikTok.

Let me tell you that on TikTok you send Gifts to only those people you like and whenever you send a gift to someone on TikTok, then that gift-giver gets to know your Tiktok ID so that he also gives you Likes

If you talk about the benefits of a TikTok gift, when you send a gift to someone using your TikTok coins, then your gift is converted into a diamond and you can withdraw that diamond as cash. That is, you can also earn money on TikTok, but for this, you have to be quite popular.

Because on TikTok, Diamond is only with those people whose popularity and followers are very much on TikTok, then first you have to be popular on TikTok to earn from TikTok.

Why TikTok sends Gifts?

TikTok sends gifts to its users for encouraging them to create more good videos and to promote some hashtags. And sometimes companies like apple tie-up with TikTok and promote their phones and they give the phones etc. to creators as a gift.

Whom does TikTok send Gifts?

TikTok only sends gifts to those people who participate in trending TikTok Challenges and create videos in the trending Challenge of TikTok and then when their videos go viral and millions like and share on their videos and when they won those specific TikTok challenges. If people like their videos more and more, they get gifts as a reward

How can you get TikTok gifts?

You can get gifts from TikTok by participating in contests. More participation increases your chances to win. And if you want more coins then you need to gain more follower, they will send you coins and you can withdraw them as money.

We hope that now you have come to know everything related to the TikTok Gifts, then if you have found our information useful, then please give us your feedback in the comment and share it with your friends on social media.

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