Top 10 viral TikTok challenges | Some are trending now

Everyone knows that TikTok is a short clip video sharing platform and here you will find daily interesting and viral videos. Sometimes people create challenges on TikTok so that their videos can viral quickly with trending hashtags.

Top 10 TikTok challenges

Here are Top 10 viral TikTok challenges which is really interesting and if you use Tiktok then you must know.

1. TikTok Lip challenge

TikTok Lip challenge

The Lip Challenge was performed by many on TikTok. This is a very popular TikTok challenge. In this challenge, you have to apply lipstick on both your lips and mix it on both the lips quickly. The videos of people who make their videos about this challenge go viral very quickly and this Lip challenge has become very viral on the TikTok.

TikTok Lip Challenge Video

2. Rotation Challenge

Rotation Challenge

In the rotation channel, you have to make a rotating video in which you have to rotate your phone so that your videos rotate round and round. These kinds of videos are quite popular because this new trend has come in TikTok in which rotation videos are becoming very viral and this is a very popular challenge of TikTok.

Rotation Challenge Video

3. Boy Challenge

Boy Challenge

It has become very viral on the challenge’s TikTok. Boy challenge is only for girls, in which girls have to show themselves as a boy, in this way they have to show their talent in which this challenge is performed by making their hair like a boy’s hair or by showing their expressions like boys. So it becomes very popular in on TikTok.

Boy Challenge Video

4. Shoe Change Challenge

Shoe change Challenge

This challenge is one of the most popular challenges of TikTok. In this, you have to change different shoes frequently. You can change shoes in a new way. You have to show your talent by flipping it, or you can create great viral shoes changing TikTok challenge video by showing different transition effects.

Shoe change Challenge Video

5. Muscle Challenge

Muscle Challenge

This challenge has also become quite popular on TikTok. In the challenge, you find yourself like a bodybuilder, in which you show the torch of your hand very strong no matter how weak you are. Most girls also perform this challenge. The muscle challenge has been liked by most people on TikTok.

Muscle Challenge Video

6. Copycat Challenge

Copycat Challenge

The copycat challenge is one of the most popular challenges of TikTok. In this challenge, you have to show different dance moves or different stunts, according to the short audio clip. With which you can make your video in a very amazing and interesting way. Many people have become very famous on TikTok through the copycat challenge.

Copycat Challenge Video

7. Prr Challenge

Prr Challenge

This challenge has been performed by a lot of people on TikTok. In this challenge, you have to change your hair colour or your clothes very frequently. In this challenge, videos that change the color of your hair with the help of one an object have become very popular on TikTok, due to which this challenge is one of the most popular challenges of TikTok.

Prr Challenge Video

8. Clothe Swap Challenge

Clothe swap Challenge

This challenge is one of the most amazing challenges to be held on TikTok where your clothes are held in anybody’s hand and you disappear and appear elsewhere. Because of which your videos look like magic, so this challenge has become very popular on TikTok.

Clothe swap Challenge Video

9. Eat on the Beat Challenge

Eat on the beat Challenge

In this challenge, you have to eat any food item in hand very quickly and these foods items should be delicious like if you want to show, then you have to eat and this is the special thing of this challenge. This challenge also becomes popular on TikTok.

Eat on the Beat Challenge Video

10.Bad Makeup Challenge

Bad Makeup Challenge

In this challenge, you have to do very useless makeup in which you can use different grocery lipsticks and different types of creams. By doing this type of makeup, a lot of designs are created on your face, which makes the videos very funny and videos of this type go viral very quickly on TikTok.

Bad Makeup Challenge Video


These are the Top 10 viral TikTok challenges. I hope you have enjoyed this article about these challenges.

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