5 TikTok Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

You should keep up with the latest TikTok trends! Since TikTok launched, it has been an absolute success among young people, and TikTok trends are always changing. With over eight hundred million users, speaking in more than thirty-nine languages throughout 150 networks, TikTok is here to stay.

However, the most astonishing indicator of all is the fact that 90% of people using TikTok log in to the platform every single day. It seems like TikTok trends are, actually, more than just trends.

Just like any other social media app, TikTok is all about what’s trending. You might stumble upon similar trends on Instagram as well, such as memes, live streams, marketing, etc.. But TikTok is quite special, it is fresh, adored, and simply impossible to ignore. The platform is new, developing and you should be onto it.

From what do you begin? You are in luck, my friend, we’ve compiled below a list of five TikTok trends to stick to in 2020.

1. Influencer Marketing

It is out in the open that when influencer marketing is done well, it’s a highly productive path for brands searching to impress a younger crowd. And which platform has an audience of teenagers and young adults? That’s right, TikTok! Actually, 41% of TikTokers are between sixteen and twenty-four years old.

Traditionally paid promo can be difficult, even though TikTok provides a more customary advertising structure, similar to platforms like Facebook. Also, that is the reason we see lots of brands, of any size, turn to influencers for help.

Search for influencers that have a huge online media presence throughout the following months and years. Celebrities such as Zach King have constructed enormous followings on TikTok and collaborated with a portion of the world’s greatest brands.

2. TikTok Live Videos Flourishing Quickly

There is an expansive range of videos on TikTok, such as food videos, lip-syncing, comedy videos, challenges, or people dancing.No wonder live videos are equally as trendy on TikTok. The #live has nearly 7,2 billion views on the app. Quite impressive, huh?

A good idea for brands and users to communicate with their fans IRL would be to go live on the platform. This is also a great way to make some money. By going love on TikTok, your followers can give you virtual gifts appearing as TikTok coins. This gift feature is not a new notion, but it’s definitely something worth taking into consideration.

To be able to go live, you will need 1000 followers, and you have to be over the age of eighteen to receive virtual gifts. To get more followers – visit FreeTikTok!

3. Memes on TikTok!

Memes are very fun, enjoyable, and shareable. This comedic and relatable content is light and amusing, everyone loves them! Memes have been trending unlike any other content on social media platforms. You might have thought that 7,2 billion views were enormous for TikTok live, what about 34,4 billion views for #memes? Huge, right?

TikTok memes are quite the phenomenon, and you can actually go on YouTube and find plenty of meme review video compilations of the platform’s best most memorable recordings.

So, get thinking and try to conjure up some ideas on how you can become the Meme King or Queen you were destined to be.

4. Brands Wanna Have Fun

For plenty of brands, steering the social media universe can be a struggle, particularly for big enterprises. Staying in the loop of recent TikTok trends isn’t an exception either. Young social media users are quite sharp these days and can spot when a brand is being insincere. How many times have you seen a brand made fun of with this gif?

Numerous brands have tried to relate to the Gen Z youngsters with the help of today’s memes, but it doesn’t always end in success, sometimes it ends up looking like your grandma trying to take a picture with an iPhone by turning on the calculator.That is the reason behind brands putting a face on their companyon TikTok. It might just as well be a celebrity influencer or the Chief Executive Officer of a small enterprise, by giving a physical image it helps with seeming a lot more connected and relatable while still remaining in a virtual setting.

You could try it out by making different videos or just ordinary updates, it’s your choice to make. Check out a variety of techniques and discover what really works best for you and your fans.

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