How to make emotes for twitch | 14 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

Do you know that as long as you are a twitch affiliate or partner then you can make your own emotes, so if you want to make your emotes then today I will tell you through this post How to make emotes for twitch with step by step.

How to make emotes for twitch

In this method we will use the picture of your face to make emotes as you would know that most popular emotes on the twitch channel are mostly face emotes.

3 Things that you need to know :

Before making emotes you need to remember 3 things keep in your mind :

  1. Your emotes has to be a square.
  2. It has to be a one by one format.
  3. You have to need 3 different sizes for each emotes. ( 112 by 112, 56 by 56 and 28 by 28 )

1. First of all, open a picture of yourself in Photoshop. ( here we will use Photoshop for making emotes )

make emotes for twitch

2. Crop your picture using crop tool. ( So click on crop tool and then select the picture then press Enter so the picture will be cropped)

make emotes for twitch

3. Double click on background layer which is your main layer.

make emotes for twitch

4. Click on the pen tool and select the picture. ( Pen tool is very small, so select your picture very closely with the help of it.)

make emotes for twitch

5. After selecting your image double click on your picture and then click on make selection. ( After this it will open a popup box to select feather radius, here we don’t need feather so click on OK.)

make emotes for twitch

6. Now Go down and click on masks icon. ( This will make your picture transparent )

make emotes for twitch

7. Now Go to File tab and click on “save for web”

make emotes for twitch

8. Now give “112” for Width and “112” for Height so it will become a square canvas.

make emotes for twitch

9. After this, save it by any name but make sure that the format of image should be PNG.

make emotes for twitch

10. Now Go back to that menu again and again save it with second size ( “56 by 56” )

11. Again Go to save menu and save it with third size which is “28 by 28”.

That’s it now you have your first emote with 3 different sizes.

After this is done, now we have to Go to twitch to upload the emotes.

12. Open and login to your twitch account. Now click on your profile and then Click on “dashboard”

make emotes for twitch

13. Now select “setting” and click on “emoticons”

make emotes for twitch

14. Scroll down and then you see the option for upload emotes. ( Here it will ask you to upload 3 different sizes of emotes so you can upload your created emotes )

make emotes for twitch


How many emotes can you have twitch?

Affiliates are able to get up to five Twitch emotes while partners can increase their emote slots up to 50. The official requirements for the Twitch emoticon tiers can be viewed here.

How long does it take for twitch emotes to get approved?

Twitch emotes are usually approved within 48 hours, but can take much longer. If there have been several submissions at once or if you submit it shortly before a holiday season, it could take a week or longer. Occasionally, you will hear about an emote being approved within 24-36 hours.

How much do twitch emotes cost?

$25 each or 3 for $65 For each emote you will receive the following sizes: 112 x 112, 56 x 56, 28 x 28 pixels. Larger, high resolution files are available and can be purchased for $5 per file. Each order includes a social media graphic you can use to show off your new emotes.


So this is the complete information to make emotes for twitch and upload emotes on twitch and I hope you understand that how to make emotes for twitch. If you like this post then give your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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