Steelbird SBA-2 Strength Stylish bike full face helmet Review – 2020


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Key features of Steelbird SBA-2 Strength Stylish bike full face helmet:

Steelbird, a reputable name in the automotive components manufacturing industry, designed Steelbird SBA-2 full-face helmet for complete protection of your head while riding. Its made of High Impact ABS Material Shell, which helps to provide a sturdy yet not so heavy structure. Steelbird built it according to the ISI standard and its micro-metric buckle meeting European standards. For the safety of the rider, it’s designed with Multi-layer EPS (Thermocol) High Density and low density For more Safety with Air Channels. Steelbird used an innovative ventilation system with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal, and Top area as well as two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet to make it comfortable.

Its modern design is meant for the youngblood, and it attracts the new riders. It’s aerodynamic enables Smooth Ride and Safety. SBA 2 are available in different color variants giving a lot of alternatives.

SBA 2  are designed to handle significant crash energy generally contain a layer of crushable foam that reduces the peak impact on the brain. It is built with smooth plastic skin holds the helmet’s foam together as it crushes and helps it skid easily on the crash surface, rather than jerking.

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