1Storm Dual Sport Helmet Review – 2020



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Key features of 1Storm Dual Sport Helmet:

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet is DOT approved helmet.

New helmets may feel tight at first, and so does this one too. This is a normal thing to happen and is required to guarantee safety.

Its foam requires around ten days or more to properly adjust to the rider’s head shape. 

It is ideal for boys and men. It is made up of scratch-resistant material throughout the helmet and visor. 

Very Advanced dual sports and dual visor design (Inner Smoked Visor and Outer Clear Shield) It is incredibly lightweight and durable, providing aerodynamic design and is made out of thermoplastic alloy shell.

Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior, Removable, and washable Beautiful glossy UV protective finish; It comes with relaxed-fitting visors, which is a snug fit and compact design. It is lightweight, sturdy, and strong.


With this sort of property, it mostly covers all the parameters of a great helmet, and with no doubts, it is a super stylish and a super safe helmet to ride with. This is a worthy gear and is very reliable. So, we openly recommend this helmet if you are looking for such parameters.

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