Steel bird SBA-1 Beast Matt White Helmet Review – 2020


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Key features of Steel bird SBA-1 Beast Matt White Helmet:

It is an ISI permitted helmet.

Steel bird SBA-1 Beast’s internal airflow of the helmet’s upper part uses the air booster system, which is revolutionized for the airing system and is also equipped with air ingestion in the chin protector.

Two air consumption vents in the frontal and top area and the two rear exhaust vents help cleaning the air inside the helmet.

There is quick-release visor machinery with high impact ABS material provided with excellent Comfort lining, including a neck protector.

Micro-metric buckle meeting European standards

New helmets may feel a little tight at first, but this is absolutely typical and required to ensure and safeguard safety. Foam requires around ten days to adjust to the rider’s head outer lining.


With all the parameters it follows, Steel bird SBA-1 Beast is a great helmet, and without a doubt, it is a stylish and safe helmet to ride within highways and roads. This is a really nice gear and is very dependable. We openly recommend this helmet if you are looking for such parameters with such comfort and reliability because this is flawless.

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