Steelbird SA-1 7Wings Aeronautics Full Face Helmet Review – 2020


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Key features of Steelbird SA-1 7Wings Aeronautics Full Face Helmet:

  • Whenever you have to search for a good helmet, you search for an excellent built quality and a great fit. This particular helmet stands form on those parameters and is flawless.
  • It is one of the best helmets because it has a significant impact absorption technique. This makes the helmet very safe and will protect the head in case of any impact
  • This is also very stylish and does not look weird or very flashy.
  • Steelbird SA-1 7Wings Aeronautics is the best helmet under 3000 and is the most well-made helmet in the list and offers the best products in the market for the riders who love to ride in style.
  • It is equipped with air booster technology and has an excellent air ventilation system.
  • This is also equipped with micro-metric buckle meeting European Standards and is made up of High Impact ABS Material Shell. 


The tech used in the helmet is top-notch, and we very openly recommend this helmet because this is the perfect helmet if you want to get a helmet, which is under 3000. It is strong and robust. Without any flaw, this is an impressive product.

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