Top 20 most followed TikTok Stars in India [Updated]-Jan 2020

You must have known that more than 130 million people only in India use TikTok but only some of them upload their videos on TikTok and now there are some people out of all the people who have no shortage of talent it occurs.

There are some TikTok stars in India who are very talented and also have won the hearts of the people and they are very popular on TikTok. So Today I will tell you about “Top 20 TikTok stars in India” in this post.

20. Mrunal Panchal – 5.7 million

Mrunal Panchal

TikTok ID: @mrunalpanchal

Mrunal Panchal has achieved a lot of followers on TikTok due to his talent. A lot of people Likes and shares Mrunal’s videos more and more as she attracts the attention of people through his talent. With which she has become a well-known and popular star of TikTok.

19. Rashi Khairwar – 7.1 million

Rashi Khairwar

TikTok ID: @rashikhairwar

Rashi is a very popular TikTok star whom people love with their whole hearts and also loves their videos very much, so Rashi has got more than 113 million hearts on TikTok and more than 7 million of them There are more subscribers. Rashi entertains people in her videos so that people enjoy watching their videos a lot.

18. Rugees Vini – 7.7 million

Rugees vini

TikTok ID: @rugeesvini_

Rugees makes any video interesting through his talent and his videos go viral day by day as people like and share his videos so much that he is very popular on each other. She has gone and she has started appearing in the list of top TikTok stars in India.

17. Sana Khan – 8.9 million

Sana khan

TikTok ID: @sanakhan301

Sana Khan is a very beautiful and talented TikTok star, in which her very beautiful expressions in the videos are very impressive and she makes any videos interesting by her style, that’s why there is a lot of interest in her videos among the people on TikTok has become popular.

16. Wish Rathod – 8.9 million

Wall rathod

TikTok ID: @wish_rathod

Wish Rathod is a very talented and beautiful Tik Tok star whose videos are very popular among people on TikTok in India, which makes people follow her TikTok account more and more and are eager to watch their videos. Her TikTok followers are more than 8.9 million.

15. Vishal Pandey – 9.7 million

Vishal pandey

TikTok ID: @vishalpandey_21

Vishal Pandey is a very popular Tiktok star, his videos are highly liked and shared on TikTok so he is very popular among his followers and people on TikTok. People like their videos with all their heart and their TikTok has more than 9 million followers.

14. Faiz Baloch – 10 million

Faiz baloch

TikTok ID: @faiz_baloch_0725

Faiz makes his videos very interesting through his talent, which makes his videos go viral very quickly and people like him so much that he also remains a favourite of people, that’s why he was followed by more than 10 million people on TikTok.

13. Saloni Singh – 10.9 million

Saloni singh

TikTok ID: _saloniyappa

Saloni Singh is very famous for her comedy videos on TikTok and she has more than 10.9 million followers on TikTok. Apart from this she laughs and entertains people through her videos. She is a very popular TikTok star who That in India are much more popular.

12. Hasnain Khan – 12 million

Hansain Khan
Hasnain Khan Wiki

TikTok ID: @hasnainkhan07

Hasnain Khan is one of the most famous stars of TikTok, he is considered one of the cutest boys on TikTok and he is very much followed by TikTok, so he has more than 12 million followers on TikTok. And he is known as one of the most popular TikTok stars in India.

11. Nagma Mirajkar – 12.5 million

Nagma mirajkar

TikTok ID: @nagmaa

Nagma is very famous on TikTok for sharing funny, comedy and fashion videos and people like her videos with their love. Due to which she has a large number of followers on TikTok. Apart from this, she is liked not only by India but from other places too, due to which she has become a very big star of TikTok in India.

12. Adnaan Shaikh – 13 million

Adnaan shaikh

TikTok ID: @adnaan07

23 Years old Adnaan Shaikh one of the most popular and viral artists of social media. Member of team 07 which is very popular and he is becoming very famous Tik Tok other social media platforms. Because of his popularity, he has achieved more than 13 million followers on TikTok.

11. Ashika Bhatiya – 13.2 million

Aashika bhatiya

TikTok ID: @aashikabhatia

Aashika Bhatia is very famous among the people due to her dancing and lip-syncing videos. She does lip-sync in a different way which is very much liked by people so she is followed by many people on TikTok. Later she started calling Most Famous Actress and TikTok Star in India.

10. Manjul Khattar 13.9 million

Manjull khattar

TikTok ID: @manjullll

21-year-old Manjul Khattar has won the hearts of people through his comedy, 12.6 million people follow on TikTok. Apart from this, he has buried a lot of flags on Instagram and YouTube and he has got the love of many people there. And now he has been added in the list of biggest TikTok stars in India.

9. Sameeksha Sud – 14.2 million

Sameeksha sud

TikTok ID: @sameeksha_sud

Sameeksha is highly followed on TikTok and she has more than 13 million followers as he showcases some of the talents in his videos that people love at heart due to the big stars of TikTok Has been made. Apart from this, she is also a 28-year-old actress, but she thanks TikTok for her popularity.

8. Lucky Dancer – 14.2 million

TikTok ID: @luckydancer5454

Famous Arhan Khan by the name of Lucky Dancer has maintained a distinct identity among the people on TikTok. He is known among people because of his unique dance moves and talented videos. He has been practicing it since she was 15 years old and has approx 14 million followers on his TikTok account.

7. Garima Chaurasiya – 17 million

Garima Chaurasiya

TikTok ID: @gima_ashi

Garima Chaurasia is a very big internet influencer and Indian TikTok star who is being liked by many people on TikTok, due to which he has become a famous personality of TikTok and has also received a lot of love from them. Apart from this, it is also seen as a celebrity on other social platforms.

6. Avneet Kaur – 18 million

Avneet kaur

TikTok ID: @avneetkaur_13

Avneet Kaur is a very beautiful and Popular Indian television actress who has acted in many TV serials and films. She started her career as a child actress, after which she also appeared as a contestant in Dance India Dance, which made her very perfect in dance and she also saw the same talent on TikTok which people liked very much with his whole heart, due to which she has also become a big star of TikTok.

5. Jannat Zubair Rahmani – 20 million

Jannat Zubair Rahmani

TikTok ID: @jannat_zubair29

Jannat is a very popular Indian television and serial actress who is very popular in India. Apart from this, she has also received many awards, in which in 2011 she received the Best Child Actress Award for a TV show called Phulwa. Due to which she is also very much liked by people on the TikTok platform, so many people follow her on TikTok and she has become a favorite of people.

4. Arishfa Khan – 20.5 million

Arishfa Khan

TikTok ID: @_arishfakhan_

Arishfa Khan is a very beautiful and popular actress who has acted in some popular Indian TV shows like Veera, Jini and Juju, Ganga. She is also very famous in TikTok and she has a lot of followers so she is a big star in TikTok.

3. Awez Darwar – 21 million

Awez darbar

TikTok ID: @awezdarbar

Awez Darbar has won the heart of the people with his acting, choreography, and dance. He has 21 million followers on TikTok at the age of 18 and people are very big fans of his choreography and dance and he is also a great social media personality.

2. Nisha Guragain – 21.7 million

Nisha guragain

TikTok ID: @nishaguragain

Nisha Guragain is a girl who lives in India who has achieved great success on TikTok and she has joined TikTok’s list of Biggest Stars along with she is the most followed on TikTok from all over India. He makes lip-syncing videos on TikTok which are quite popular among people.

1. Riyaz Aly – 26 million

Riyaz aly

TikTok ID: @riyaz.14

Riyaz is one of the very popular and cutest boys on TikTok, he has more than 26 million followers and is very much liked by the people on TikTok. Many people are in love with Riyaz and he continues to win over others with his actions so he following on TikTok growing day by day. So now he becomes the no.1 TikTok star in India.

These are the “Top 20 Popular and biggest TikTok stars in India“. If you liked this post, then give us your feedback in comments and share it with your friends.

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