Top 5 shipping companies in Mumbai

Shipping companies in Mumbai pays a great deal of attention to their responsibilities, including managing the stock, transport, and handling of goods. Sending a cargo ship always needs permissions from the port authorities. A shipping company’s fee is what these shipping companies in Mumbai charge towards the various responsibilities they shoulder. Here is the list of shipping companies in Mumbai.

1. Frea Logistics

FREA Logistics is one of the youngest and most dynamic freight forwarding companies formed by our founder, Mr. Eric Achhadwala. FREA Logistics is founded in Mumbai, and it offers end to end logistics solutions to its customers all over India. The professional staff promises the best services to all the customers by utilizing their reliable network of qualified business partners throughout the world. They offer the services in warehousing, distribution, order processing, administration, and customer service, can provide a full range of logistical services from manufacturer to the end-user.

2. Combi Lift Multi-Modal Logistics

Combi Lift was founded in 2000 and has become a leading expert in transporting heavy lift and project cargoes world-wide as well as engineering services. It provides all kinds of services like heavy lift transport solutions, mainly door-to-door and multimodal concepts from the factory to the building side. The company has headquarters at the heart of Harren & Partner Group in Bremen, and Combi Lift benefits from a broad scope of expertise. The expert staff work closely with clients and provide customized solutions that meet the most stringent individual demands and expectations.

3. Feather Solutions Logistics and Business Development

Feather Solutions Logistics and Business Development in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, has established in the year 2013 and acts as a one-stop destination for customers both local and other parts of Mumbai. This business has established a firm foothold in the industry, believing that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services. This business employs individuals dedicated to their respective roles and puts in a lot of effort to achieve the company’s shared vision and heftier goals.

4. Anshika Logistics Solutions

Anshika Logistics Solutions is the leading solution of end to end logistics with rich experience with a PAN India presence in mobilizing shipments through Mail, Express Trains, Air Transport, and Mobilization Service to the industry. Anshika Logistics Solutions offers services beyond very critical and at the stock-out situation for the multinational companies located in far-flung places in a given time.

5. Maersk Global Service Centres INDIA Pvt Ltd

Maersk Global Service Centres India is one of the modes of transportation for all the bulk goods and consignments that need to be handled with care. It has a wide range of services that gives you precise and on-time delivery to any part of the world. The company has vessels and containers that can deliver various products and consignments with safety and durability. It also provides refrigerated services that can be used to transport perishable products like vegetables and fruits to multiple parts of the world. They also offer special cargo services that can be used to transport heavy-duty products like automobiles, rail rakes, and yachts. The company takes care of the proper methods and executes all products to reach the destination on time. They have the best tools and containers to ensure that the delivery is safe and sound while on the move.


So friends, these are all Top 5 shipping companies in Mumbai. I hope you liked this information about shipping companies in Mumbai and this article will be useful for you.

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