How can a student become popular in the TikTok?

Tik Tok is a social network whose popularity is growing every day. Anyone who follows all the trends is considered modern and fashionable. Of course, who wants to write boring essays, which can write, if you can shoot videos and have fun. So how, for example, does a student without finances become popular? Let’s find out.

Not surprisingly, now the social network TikTok is very popular. It was included in the list of the most downloaded applications in 2018, has become established there to this day and continues to grow in dynamics. Millions of videos are uploaded to TikTok every week. Therefore, the competition for influencers is huge.

Don’t even argue, but many people shoot on TikTok, because it’s easier to gain an audience of subscribers there than on Instagtam. And it’s true. All you need – to shoot a quality video and get recommendations. The algorithms in TikTok are still poorly understood, but it is obvious that any video can be included in the recommendations. Therefore, when preparing content, you should keep this in mind and shoot all your videos with a creative approach.

The ring lamp

Now let’s talk about everything in order. Let’s start with the main thing – lighting. No matter how good the phone is, without proper lighting the video quality will be unsatisfactory. For the experiment, try shooting video at home in daylight and in the evening. The difference will be obvious.

It is not always possible to shoot video in sunlight, then a ring lamp comes to the rescue. The Puluz ring lamp is a great option for creating perfect lighting. Its huge advantage is the presence of 20 adjustable colors that can be switched using the remote control or from a smartphone via Bluetooth. The lamp works through the USB port, so there will be no difficulties with the connection.


A tripod is an assistant for all occasions. There are times when everything is perfect: light, location, idea, and the one who takes the picture of you is not around. Therefore, be sure to carry a tripod. We are creative people and we can see beauty at any time – you always have to be ready. And, of course, for video recording it will be much better to put and fix the phone for a static picture than to shoot with a shaking hand. In my opinion, Xiaomi Mi Selfie Tripod is an ideal option for home shooting. It can be placed on any surface and the height can be adjusted up to 51 cm. If you do not unfold the tripod like a tripod, you will have a standard monopod. The device weighs only 155 g and is 19 cm long. It is very compact: it can always be carried with you. It does not take up much space and is quite light. You can control via a special button that comes with the phone and connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone. The button is charged for several hours via USB, and one charge is enough for more than a month.


As in TikTok without headphones. And it doesn’t matter if you record your sound or use a trendy one – nowhere without headphones. In addition to TikTok, you will use them in everyday life, so you need to choose the “ears” correctly. Below I have collected the top best gadgets with great sound and microphone in different price segments.

Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver – love from the first sound. At its cost – this is an incredible find. Wide sound range, high volume. A small minus – if you listen at full volume, others will hear too. The microphone in the headphones is great: with it you can shoot ASMR, and talk from another room and you will be heard. I recommend when recording the voice still not very close to the microphone, because it is sensitive and every breath will be heard.

How to shoot popular videos for TikTok?

The TikTok registration algorithm is simple, but it is more difficult to maintain audience activity.

To start creating your videos, you need:

1. Create a profile (avatar, nickname, account description, links to other social networks).

2. Decide on the purpose of blogging.

3. Choose a topic that really interests you and that you know.

4. Shoot a lot of videos.

5. Follow the trends.

6. Use appropriate hashtags, popular music from the TikTok library.

7. Create a description for the video.

8. Take care of the “juicy” picture: find the appropriate background, lighting, fix the camera.

9. “Pump” acting skills.

10. Look for interesting stories.

11. Rehearse before shooting and make a few takes.

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