Why Is Instagram a Top Social Media App?

As you all know, social media is growing daily, and we live in a digital era. There is no sign of stopping. It grows dynamically with numerous developments. Today, there are so many social media platforms available online. Businesses and brands are leveraging it to the core. It is user-friendly, and brands can quickly popularize themselves using these platforms. One of the platforms is Instagram. The most popular app Instagram launched in 2010. Since its launch, the digital scenario has changed in varied ways. But still, now, the app has grabbed millions of users’ hearts. But how is it possible? What is the secret behind it?

The article below shows you why the app is still on top of social media. If you’re eager to learn more, then you can continue reading the article., Instagram is a way popular platform with numerous features in it. It has in-built video and photo recording and editing features like Reels, Stories, Carousels, etc. If you need to go viral on Instagram, you shall buy instagram reels views and build your brand.

12 Reasons Why Instagram Is a Top Social Media Platform

1. Easy-To-Use Interface

In comparison to other platforms, Instagram is easy to use the app. When you open the app, it directly takes you to the news feed, where you can explore more recently uploaded videos. The top interesting News feed is stories, which change within 24 hours. In addition, Instagram allows users to navigate between the tabs easily, so they feel comfortable.

2. Exciting Filters

In common, when you post a story, you can apply certain filters by swiping the screen right or left. You can include all the animations and exciting filters in your video or photo. Even the top engaging apps still need the filters that Instagram has now. You need a separate editor app to accomplish this task in other apps. It is why Instagram is ranking at the top.

3. Instagram Experience Is Fascinating

After the advent of online marketing, visual experience is hitting high on the platform. With more than a million audience, the app effectively engages audiences. The high engagement rate makes brands and individuals choose Instagram over other platforms. As per the reports, Instagram has a 23% engagement rate, making it worth the social media platform.

4. Instagram Hashtags

If you use specific and high-relevant hashtags, there is a high chance that users can watch your videos on the Instagram platform. Hashtags drive your videos to the potential audience’s views. Hashtags drive more traffic and show your videos in the first place of audience searches. Moreover, hashtags not only include certain common words but, instead, include locations also. This unique option has paved an excellent way to get noticed.

5. Instagram Ads

As you all know, Instagram is a graphical platform with varieties of ads on it. Besides YouTube, Instagram is the only platform with ads running on it. Therefore, Instagram is an all-rounder app that allows brands to utilize it to their fullest potential. With Instagram ads, many brands have skyrocketed their business quickly.

6. Regular Updates

Instagram initially had features that helped to share pictures and short videos. Now the app has come a long way with more new features. The latest feature includes notes, where you can send important messages to a friend or follower through notes. Apart from this, there is a massive development in the usage of stickers.

7. Cross-Posting

If brands keep Instagram as their primary app, it would be best to use it as the videos and posts can be cross-promoted along the various platforms. With the Instagram interface and features, publishing the same content across multiple platforms is possible. In addition, once all the online pages are updated, you can grow your channels simultaneously.

8. Create a Community

As the app is aimed to connect users, it is also no surprise that it builds a community. If brands develop their community, they can have a stable audience base. To create an online community, you must share user-generated content. Moreover, you can try using FollowFormation, which shall boost your Instagram profile reach.

9. Taps Mobile-App Users

As the Instagram app is mobile-friendly, it is easy to drive the attention of mobile users. As per the reports, nearly 54.8% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, almost half of the potential market is on the mobile phone. So then, what are you people waiting for? If you still need to become a user of Instagram, then you are losing out on your potential market.

10. Generate High Conversion Rates

No matter what, boosting conversions in business always stays the top goal. With clickable links, Instagram has made more conversions for marketers. Till now, Instagram has been a clear winner for boosting conversions and generating sales. Especially, e-commerce businesses can have significant growth using the platform.

11. Diverse and Large Audience

As Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, there is a vast platform option to find new audiences from diverse communities. According to the experts, Gen Z is a hard-to-reach generation with increased spending power. There is an even split between male and female users on Instagram. So the app has a high ability to reach a diverse audience.

12. Enhance the Brand Reach

The brands who are having an account on Instagram are feeling it is beneficial for their business growth. Similarly, the algorithm works differently when it comes to branded content. If you catch up with the algorithm, then it would be easy to increase the brand reach. With Instagram, it is possible to make your brand an overnight sensation.


The above article explains why Instagram is the top social media app. It is a constantly evolving platform with dynamic changes in its features. Now have you understood the actual benefits of using Instagram? So now get ahead of your competitors by using FollowFormation, where you can enhance your content visibility. Ultimately, Instagram is a tool that saves tons of time and effort for marketing. So now you can start your game! If you find this article interesting, you can comment below! Thanks for reading!

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