How to whisper on twitch | PC and Mobile both methods

Hello friends today’s topic is how to Whisper on twitch so if you don’t know about this then you can read this post completely because in this post I will tell you how to Whisper on twitch with step by step.

How to Whisper on twitch

If You have to contact one of your mods and twitch whispers allows you to do just.
if you’re on desktop there are two simple ways to Whisper anyone currently in a twitch channel the easiest.

1. So just simply click on their name.

whisper on twitch

2. After this, there it will generate a Whisper button so click on it.

whisper on twitch

3. Now type your message and then submit.

whisper on twitch

By this method you can easily whisper on twitch.

The second easy option is just go into the twitch chat and put in /w and put a space and the users name that you wish to whisper and then type your message.

whisper on twitch

When you hit submit there it’ll send a private message just because it will move to a different twitch window which is actually just the submit.

If you wish to Whisper on twitch in mobile then you can follow these following steps –

1. Open the twitch app and now simply tap on their name.

whisper on twitch

2. Type your message and click on Send.

whisper on twitch

You can also apply second method just type /w then give space and type users name and then type your message.

whisper on twitch

Example : If you want to whisper Rohit then you have to write – “/w Rohit How are you”
So here “How are you” is my message that I wish to whisper Rohit.

So as you see there are same methods in mobile and PC so you can easily understand this.

So these are the easiest way to whisper or private message somebody on twitch platforms. I like to use whispers personally for contacting personal information if I need to do giveaways or anything like that.


How do you whisper in wow?

To whisper someone, hit the “Return” key, type “/tell” and then the name of the player. You can then type a message privately to that player. When you hit “Return” again, they will see the message.

What does whisper on twitch mean?

A new feature dubbed “Whisper” will let those in a Twitch chat create a secondary conversation that appears in the same window they’re currently in. You can start a private conversation by typing “/w” and the username of someone you’d like to chat with.

How do I send a private message on twitch?

You can now send private messages to friends on Twitch, even if your buddies are watching different streams than you at the time. It’s a feature called Whisper and it works by typing “/w” in a Twitch chat box, followed by the username you want to chat with. This creates a message that only you and your friend can see.


By using these methods you can easily Whisper on twitch. Now I hope you will understand how to Whisper on twitch. If you like this post then give your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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