What happens if you don’t pay Paypal credit

Today I will tell you what happens if you don’t pay Paypal credit so if you don’t know that what problems did you face if you do not pay Paypal credit then you can read this post and I am sure you will definitely got the answer.

what happens if you don't pay Paypal credit

What happens if you don’t pay Paypal credit

As per the terms of the Paypal credit agreement, we will have to pay an additional £12 GBP ( Great Britain Pound ) for the remaining payment. If you have any additional payment remaining, please try to log in to your Paypal’s account as soon as possible.

You can pay your dues as much as you like every month, so that your debt will continue to fall But you must deposit the minimum amount within the specified date.

If you do not pay the remaining balance every month, then the interest on your remaining amount may be charged. This means that the longer it takes you to pay, the more you will have to pay, so the sooner the remaining amount try to pay.

If you are facing any problem in payment then you can contact customer care and you can tell them your problem so that they will definitely tell you a solution.

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