How to change crosshair in PUBG| 6 – Steps ( With screenshots )

Hello friends today’s topic is how to change crosshair in pubg. When you have a phone of low ram then you face the problems of cross hair in pubg and then you needs to change the crosshair.

So today in this post I will told how to change crosshair in pubg with step by step.

How to change crosshere in PUBG

Step 1 : first of all, you need to install crosshair Hero app from Play Store.

change crosshair in pubg

Step 2 : now open the app and give all the permission.

change crosshair in pubg

Step 3 : click on crosshair option.

change crosshair in pubg

Step 4 : choose the best cross hair that you want. you can also change the colour, size and opacity of crosshair.

change crosshair in pubg

Step 5 : After choosing all this cilck on start button.

change crosshair in pubg

Step 6 : Now open PUBG and play the game. You will see the crosshair in your screen that you choose in app.

change crosshair in pubg


Can I get free UC in PUBG?

Yes, friends, you can get Free UC in PUBG, there are many apps for this where you can play a tournament of Pubg and get free UC. Also, Friends, you can win PUBG FREE UC by participating in Pubg UC giveaway on youtube.

Can you get unbanned from PUBG?

Although there is no general answer for it, yes, getting unbanned from PUBG is possible, although it goes without saying that not everyone can or will get unbanned.

Is it legal to use GFX tool in PUBG?

Yes, you can be banned for using GFX Tools as it illegally alters PUBGM files. Yes, it can be automatically detected for those saying “there is no way for them to know”.


So this is the simple way to change the crosshair in pubg. With this help you can easily kill your opponent and your aim will very clear so you will definitely win.

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