Best Video editing software and apps in 2020

Digital technology is growing rapidly. Advancement in technology has ensured the maximum use of video editing software irrespective of Mac, Android, or iOS users. The ideal editing software and application offers an array of options to the users. 

One can merge, split, and cut the videos effectively and efficiently by editing software and applications. Every individual is aware of the unique result that gets delivered by a strategic and meaningful amalgamation of audio and visuals while editing a video. Content marketers, search engine and social media optimization experts prefer to opt for video as a medium of communication. As users spend maximum time watching video-based content while browsing online, it can be considered a major factor for increasing website traffic. 

Keeping this in mind, online business owners are shooting and editing videos using the best software. For example, YouTube is a universal platform for loading, sharing, and liking videos. To edit videos a YouTube video editor like this one here can produce impressive outcomes.

Many types of video editing software and apps are used, and some of them are as follows:

1. Adobe Premiere 

The incredible adobe premiere rush is a perfect editing app for short videos. It is a multi-platform application that includes iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It is free software and an amazing app for social media marketers as they can easily process video clips and upload them accordingly to the social networks. Videos can easily be exported to YouTube and other crucial social media platforms. It is designed in a way that users can easily operate. As one opens the application, they can see a simplified interface that showcases large icons and panels, making it appropriate for touch screens. 


It is a widely used professional video editing app for iOS. Filmmakers and video producers who seek to do expert level editing prefer this software. Additionally, it can be used easily on any iPhone or iPad. It is loaded with great features like providing native support for 4K Ultra high definition (UHD), insert/overwrite quality, keyframing, color correction, full support for PAL at 25 frames per second, high-quality audio mixer, flawless export, and support for vertical video and innovative title creation tools. 

 3. KineMaster Pro 

KineMaster Pro is an excellent video editing application for android users. It is highly loaded in terms of features for a better editing experience. KineMaster is a perfect video editing application that supports video layers, images, text, and audio. It ensures to edit video layers accurately through keen editing, according to the demands of the users. It provides promtedit previews after you complete the editing process. Additionally, it provides proper resolution control, color LUT (Lookup table), chroma key blend, and 3D transformations. 

4. Filmmaker Pro 

Filmmakers or creative storytellers look forward to shooting and editing in the best version of video editing software available in the market. Filmmaker Pro is an ideal choice for advanced level video editing for iPhone users. This editing app comes with 30 amazing filters. It provides video grading and good green support. Further, the users get developed tools like chroma-keying and a collection of about 20 million different fonts for text overlays. Filmmaker Pro is a subscription-based app and offers free download as a free trial version. 

5. Apple Clips 

‘Apple clips’ is a decent and impressive video editing app used by both professionals and amateurs. Users can create video clips and send a video message with color filters including the pastel colors, texts, multi-track music, fun emojis, and stickers. Other features include extensive sharing options of video through Airdrop and other social media platforms. Further, users can save them in their devices or upload them to Apple’s cloud storage. Apple Clips can generate songs in GarageBand and add them directly to the videos. In the latest April update of the Apple clips, there is a feature of a ‘duplicate button’ that makes copies of clips and a ‘split button’ which can divide clips into two units. The versatility and awesome updates of this excellent application ensure significant performance and satisfaction. 

6. Power Director 

This solid cross-platform video editing application, apt for both android and iOS users, is widely used by the professionals. It has an easy-to-understand interface that allows arranging and editing entire scenes in a timeline. Further, users can add titles quite easily in the videos with just a single click. The power director app has an impressive selection of fonts and designs, the capacity to add background music, a photo editor, and slow-motion videography. Additionally, Power Director is known for the super animation creation of the titles in a video. The users get access to the creative tools of Power Director, which enables them to create innovative outcomes.

7. Inshot 

Inshot is an excellent video editing application for making social-media themed videos. This editing application is one of the feasible options for people who spend maximum time online. The video editor of Inshot can make impressive clips for your social media and can help you grow your business quite significantly. Due to its clear and impressive interface, the application makes it very easy to trim, import, and edit clips together in a video. Additionally, one can also add color filters, customized images, captions, and emojis in the videos. Be it a 1:1 ratio video or a vertically aligned video, Inshot provides a direct option for the users to share their videos on Instagram and various social media platforms.


While selecting software, editing efficiency, and budget are a key concern. But to create the best video editing results in the market, people must analyze the demand for their respective needs. Some applications are good at creating graphics, and some are experts in delivering a fine resolution as an output. Budding storyteller or communicator aims to shoot and use free video editing software to save cost on buying paid versions of the applications. 

Videos are the future as they are used to entertain, engage, and influence. Thus, without any delay, choose the best video editing software for you. All the best!

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