How to use Paytm Gift Voucher | Full Details

As you know Paytm gives us many gift vouchers in which you can add money in Paytm gift vouchers. So if you don’t know the use of Paytm gift vouchers then you can read this post completely because in this post I will told you how to use Paytm gift voucher.

How to use Paytm gift voucher

How to use Paytm Gift Voucher

Only You can add a gift voucher of up to ₹ 10000 in Paytm Wallet and its validity is 5 years.

If you talk about the use of Paytm Gift Voucher, then you can use it anywhere such as in recharging or buying anything in the market anywhere but it will be used only when ₹ 0 amount in your Paytm wallet Will happen.

Now comes the difference between Paytm Wallet and Paytm Gift Vouchers :

The only difference in Paytm Wallet and Paytm Gift Vouchers is that the limit of Paytm Wallet is only 185 days means if you keep your money more than 185 days in Paytm Wallet without usage than it will be waste But if you buy a Paytm gift voucher, then its validity is 5 years, it has an advantage of Paytm Gift Voucher.

It will work exactly as it works in your Paytm account. You can use this gift voucher in any merchant account such as a local shop or at a petrol pump or anywhere but you will only use it when your PaytM wallet balance will be zero.

You cannot gift Paytm Gift Vouchers to anyone nor can you send it to bank.

One thing you have to notice that If once you have purchased a gift voucher of ₹ 500 and the second time you have purchased a gift voucher of ₹ 500, then you cannot use this second gift voucher until the first gift voucher has been fully used.

So if you have buy many gift vouchers then you cannot use another gift voucher until one of the earlier gift vouchers is fully used.


What is Paytm gift wallet?

The Paytm Gift wallet Card is a prepaid digital solution that offers tax-saving gift allowance to employees up to a sum of Rs 5,000 every financial year. … You can send funds to this wallet, which can be spent at over large number of online and offline merchants accepting Paytm.

What is Paytm first voucher?

We are super excited to launch “Paytm First”, a premium subscription-based rewards & loyalty program for our users. With this, we are offering exclusive benefits, over and above our regular offers. We have priced “Paytm First” at Rs 750 annually with an inaugural cashback worth Rs 100 for a limited time.

How can I buy Paytm gift voucher?

Type Paytm in the search bar, select the store, and fill in the details of your Paytm vouchers. Check the box next to ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ and click Confirm.


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