Best Tools to Reverse Videos for TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. The short videos on the platform attract millions of users each day. The videos are fun to watch, and they’re highly customizable. One such feature is the reversing of videos on TikTok, which is quite a common effect people use.

Reversing videos on TikTok or any other platform makes for interesting viewing. The sequence of events, when reversed, presents a rather unique filmography. For this reason, you should be aware of the best tools to revere videos for TikTok.

3 best alternative tools to reverse video for TikTok

Here are the three best alternative tools to reverse videos for TikTok, in case your application is not working, or you want to work with videos of greater lengths than sixty seconds.

Filme Lite

Filme Lite is an exceptional tool to reverse videos for TikTok in a simple and fun manner. The application can be easily downloaded from the web for PC and iOS. It doesn’t take a lot of room on your phone or PC.

The Filme Lite application comes with many features that you can use besides just reversing regular videos. These include a plethora of in-built templates that you can use to make and record videos. Simply choose a template, choose the clips you want to fit in, and export your finished clip to your desired social.

Other features of the application include:

  • Editing Tools – These basic editing tools will make your life a lot easier with their simple work. You can easily trim your videos to any length you want, divide your video into parts, and you can also adjust the speed of the video by playing it faster or slower.
  • Resize and Compress – Another smart feature from the application allows you to resize and compress your videos to your desired compression with a single touch. Simply choose from a selection of available qualities, and the application will do the rest.
  • Share Your Videos – sharing videos was never easier. You can simply press the share option, and the application shows multiple social platforms where you can instantly share the finished article.

However, if you want a much more professional video editing, it is recommended to use iMyFone Filme which can do a lot more than Filme Lite in video editing.

EaseUS Video Editor

Another excellent tool for video editing and to reverse videos for TikTok is the EaseUs video editor. EaseUS is known for its data recovery applications, but this video editor also brings the usual reliability and quality to the forefront. Besides, it is a PC application with the full processing power of a PC to make quality videos.

EaseUS video editor’s user interface is smart, intuitive, and easy to use. It offers a platform similar to one found on mobile applications. Meaning, all your favorite filters and tools are accessible, and you can easily select them at the touch of a mouse. Here are some of the application’s prime features:

  • Excellent User Interface – you can simply drag and drop a filter or effect onto the video you’re modifying, thus making your life a lot easier. The skill level required to edit videos in this application makes even a novice use it easily.
  • There are all the usual features, including trim, cut, merge, rotate, mix, accelerate, slow down videos and control the playback speed.
  • Apart from the usual features, it has over 50 visual transitions and effects to add more flair to the videos. You can add overlays, texts, and transitions to the videos with maximum ease.
  • Another great aspect is the addition of audio overlays and audio commentary into your videos.

Reverse Vid

Another easy tool that you can use to reverse videos for TikTok is Reverse Vid. It is a simple application that runs on an iOS platform but has simple functionality. The application is made for the sole purpose of reversing videos, thereby adding to its ease of use.

However, there are some other features of the Reverse Vid application, including:

  • Adjusting the playback speed of your videos with simple presets. You can make your videos go faster or slower depending on your requirements.
  • Sharing on popular social media platforms from the click of a button.

Beginner-Friendly Tool to Edit TikTok Video on PC and Mac

Many applications offer the tools to reverse your videos for TikTok, but none come close to the simplicity and brilliance afforded by the Filme Video Editor. The Filme video editor can easily perform the usual editing functionalities, including reversing your videos for TikTok.

A great tool for reversing videos, the Filme Video Editor doesn’t shy away from its other functions. It is a fun application that lets you trim your videos with ease, make your videos go faster or slower depending on your needs, and also divide the video into short, interesting segments.

The best part is you can use the application on both PC and Mac with equally brilliant results. The tremendous range of effects, visualizations, and the ability to insert text and audio narration will completely hook you to this app for all your editing adventures.

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