How to Book ticket in UTS | 15 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

As you know, you can book general tickets only by going to the railway station But IRCTC has launched an application named UTS. You can book ticket in UTS after installing UPS application on your mobile.

But there are some conditions to book general ticket –

  1. You must be within 5 kilometers of the station.
  2. You can book it only before 3 hours .
  3. Your mobile GPS must be on.

In this application you will get a wallet, you will have to recharge that wallet, just like you put money in Paytm or mobikbik, in the same way you will also have to put money in this wallet so that you can book tickets And you can also use debit card credit card or net banking to book tickets in it.

So if you do not know how to book tickets in UTS, then let me tell you how to book tickets in UTS with step by step.

How to book ticket in UTS

Step 1. First , install the UTS application from Play Store, then open it.

Book ticket in UTS

Step 2. Tap on “Ragister”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 3. Fill all details.

Book ticket in UTS
  1. Enter your mobile number.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter password
  4. Re-Enter password.
  5. Nearest railway station will fill automatically If you turned on your mobile’s GPS.
  6. Select you Gender.
  7. Select your date of birth.
  8. Now you have to select a government ID, whatever you have like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card etc. You can select any one of them.
  9. Enter ID number. ( if you select Aadhar card then enter Aadhar card number )
  10. Tick on “I accept the utsonmobile terms of use and privacy policy”
  11. Now Click on “Generate OTP”

Step 4. Enter the OTP and tap on “Submit”.

Book ticket in UTS

After this process, you can see the message “Ragisterd successfully”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 5. Now login your ID by entering mobile no. and password.

Book ticket in UTS

Step 6. Now you are logged in and now you have to setup your profile so tap on “Profile”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 7. Tap on “Change journey details”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 8. Tap on “Edit”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 9.

Book ticket in UTS
  1. Select train type like express, super fast etc.
  2. Select payment type.
  3. Select “train class” (class will be always Second)
  4. Tap on “Next”

Step 10.

Book ticket in UTS
  1. Select ticket type.
  2. Select the number of person.
  3. If you travel with any of your child then select the number of child.
  4. Tap on “Done”

After completing this process, you will see the message “Details updated successfully”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 11. Now Go to back and tap on “‘Book ticket”‘

Book ticket in UTS

Step 12. In next screen, you will see many options select “Normal Booking”

Book ticket in UTS

Step 13. Now tap on “Book and travel (paperless)” if you want to print the tickets then select second option.

Book ticket in UTS

Step 14.

Book ticket in UTS
  1. Select the station from which you want to travel.
  2. Select the station you want to travel to.
  3. Tap on “Proceed

Step 15. Finally, tap on “‘Book ticket”‘

Book ticket in UTS

“Here you can see that ticket has been booked.”

Book ticket in UTS


How many tickets can be booked in UTS?

An user can buy only four tickets and four platform tickets at a time. The UTS app enables a registered user to also buy monthly passes. The commuter has to be within a 5 km range of the source station to be able to buy a ticket through the UTS app.

Can I book ticket for others in UTS?

No you can’t transfer ticket to other person in UTS app . But u can book ticket in your mobile and give the login credentials to other person to login .

How do I book a paperless ticket UTS?

Whenever Ticket Checking Staff asks for ticket, the passenger will use ‘Show Ticket’ option in the app. The smartphone should be GPS enabled to book paperless ticket. The paperless tickets are not allowed for cancellation. The journey should commence within one hour after booking paperless ticket.


So in this way you can also book your train ticket and I hope that you have understood how to Book ticket in UTS very easily, if you liked this post, then do give us your feedback in the comment And share it with your friends.

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