Top 20 tips and tricks to grow on tiktok – Jan 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

Nowadays everyone wants to be popular on TikTok but we do not know which are the TikTok tips which we can become popular on TikTok very soon by following them.

Top 20 TikTok Ideas

So today, through this post, I will tell you about some such “TikTok tips” that you can be successful on TikTok very soon by following them.

1. Choose Attractive Username

To get access to TikTok, an attractive username is very important because the more attractive your username is, the more people will be attracted to your profile. With this, more and more people will be able to reach your account and the chances of following you will increase your audience and in this way you can also get more likes and shares on your videos, so you get a very eye-catching TikTok Must have a username.

2. Choose Different Category

If you want to be popular on TikTok, then you have to do something different from people. I mean you have to make videos out of them and you should never copy others. Nowadays, most people make comedy videos on TikTok, so you should find other topics except comedy videos which are completely different and then videos should be made on the same different topic because people like to watch something different.

3. Know Your Audience

This is a very important part, if you let your audience know which type of videos they like to watch, then you can get success on TikTok. If you make a video on any one particular topic, then you must have often seen that people like to watch it more, in this way you can understand your audience by applying ideas and make their own videos by recording them, so that your videos are popular. Chances of this increase to a great extent.

4. Be Different

As I said earlier, you have to do something different from everyone because it is a proven subject that if you make videos on competition topics, but if you make different videos from them then people will give you more and more Would love to because you are providing them something different.

5. Don’t Copy Others

It is a very important thing that you should never copy others. Because TikTok also does not like people who copy others and you can see anywhere, people never like watching same videos, so you should never copy others videos but your own talent Make videos with which your talent will increase day by day and one day you can become a big star of TikTok.

6. Make Event Videos

TikTok keeps doing some events like Diwali events, Holi events etc. all the time. You must participate in such an event and make related videos from them, which increases the chances of your videos becoming viral and if your videos become popular then you can only talk on TikTok in a very short time. It can be popular through an event, that’s why you must make an event video on TikTok.

7. Make Special Videos

You should always try to give something special to your audience so that their attention will remain on your side and they will check your profile as much as possible. This will promote your account by TikTok because if people are more engaged on your profile then TikTok will also start recommitting your videos. That’s why remember always try to do something special.

8. Create Trending Content to become Popular

One thing is for sure that if someone suddenly became popular on TikTok, then it has become popular due to trending videos. So if you make a video on trending content, you can also become very popular on TikTok very quickly, so that more and more people will start liking you and your followers will start growing very quickly. Therefore, you should make a video on whatever content is trending.

9. Add a Hook into Your video

Here it means to say that whenever a guy sees your video first sight, he will keep watching it means that you have put a hook in your videos. For this, you should start your video in a very interesting way so that if someone opens your video, then it will not be able to skip it. That is why it is very important to create a hook into your videos if you want to have success on TikTok.

10. Create Suspense in Your Content

The way you never like to see boring content. Whether it is a movie or a TV serial, people do not enjoy until the suspense is created in it. In the same way, until you do not clear the suspense in your video, your videos will seem boring. That is why try to create maximum suspense in your video.

11. Give More Value in Less Time

This is a very important TikTok tip for you. You get the option to make only 15 seconds to 60 seconds of videos on TikTok, so always try to tell as much as you can in fewer words. That is, I mean you should learn to say a lot with a few words, only then you can become a TikTok star. If you are able to give maximum value in a short time, then you can become popular on TikTok very soon.

12. Reflect Your Own style by copying celebrity’s

This is a very interesting way of being popular in TikTok. If you can show people in your style by copying the expressions of celebrity people and their style of speaking etc. then your video can become viral very quickly. In this, your talent will be further enhanced by which you will be able to create a lot of creative videos.

13. Publish Your Content on A Regular Basis

This is a very effective TikTok idea. If you put videos on your TikTok profile on a regular basis, then you will definitely become more popular on TikTok one day. But if you make a video of it occasionally, then people will stop following you, so always try to do something new and interesting and keep giving something to your audience every day.

14. Doing Funny Experiments

You should always keep trying something new because people like to see new experiments. You can also do a lot of interesting experimenting with the things that work in daily life, people are very eager to see this type of experiment so that your followers will improve very fast. The more unique your experiment is, the more people will like you.

15. Show Your Uniqueness

If you have some unique talent then you can show it here of course. Because if your talent is unique then people will enjoy watching your talent a lot. This will increase your views and likes on your videos and your profile will grow very fast, so always try to show your talent.

16. Make You like a Brand

The most important thing is that you should show yourself as a brand professional on TikTok. If you want to be successful through TikTok then you should show yourself as a brand to make your name popular not only on TikTok but everywhere. By doing this, your sinfulness will increase day by day.

17. Do Complicated Things Simple

If you can make the most difficult things simpler, then you can become famous on TikTok very quickly because a lot of people watch videos for some simple hacks on TikTok. If you consider it difficult and upload your videos by making things simple, then people will like it more so that your video will become viral very soon.

18. Create Fake Magic Videos

People like these videos very much because in them you show amazing magic in your videos, which is very different. You should show something more like this which is impossible to do, people will watch your videos again and again and the chances of your videos becoming viral will increase significantly.

19. Show Your Ideas to Your Audience

If you have a good idea that you want to tell your audience, that can also help them. So you must make help and make a video and help people, if you want, you can encourage your audience to do something for free or give them some valuable thing so that you will go very popular among people very quickly.

20. Go Live on TikTok

It is very important to maintain a connection between you and your audience, so if possible, you should talk to your audience to live on TikTok. You should ask which type of video he likes to watch so that you can make a video on his desired topic so that your video will become popular very quickly and a good relationship will be created between you and your audience.


Finally, I hope that you will be very happy to know about these “TikTok Tips”. If you liked this post, then please give us your feedback in comment and share it with your friends.

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