Top 5 reasons why TikTok is not working ( With solution )

TikTok is not working in India because Indian government has banned it.

TikTok is used by more than 500 million people all over the world, so it’s not need to tell its popularity because we already know.

Due to the high number of TikTok users, TikTok stops working many times, in this case, users face a lot of trouble, so today I will tell you “Top 5 reasons why TikTok is not working” and also give their solution.

1. TikTok not loading

Sometimes TikTok has a issue of not loading or working properly. So if you have a issue of TikTok not loading or working then I will give you the solution to fix this problem.

Reason : This error is comes because of server errors as well as something directly to your device.

Solution : Here is some steps to fix this problem-

1. Open your mobile settings.

2. Go to Application.

3. Then search TikTok.

4. Now “Clear cache” and “Clear data” of TikTok app.

5. After this process restart your phone and then you will see that error will be fixed.

2. TikTok network error

Why TikTok not working

You must have at some time faced the network error in TikTok. If you face TikTok network problem then don’t worry I will provide you the solution to fix the TikTok network error.

Reason : This error comes because of network issues like slow internet connection and weak network strength.

Solution : Here is some steps to fix this problem-

1. First of all, check your internet connection because several times this error comes because of not internet connection.

2. If not solve then and you have to refresh TikTok App because sometimes this refresh also solves this problem.

3. If this error a remains then go to your mobile settings.

4. Then Applications >>>Choose TikTok >>> App Permission>>>Allow Wifi & mobile data (If not enable then enable it)

5. After this simply restart your phone and open TikTok app then you will see the error will be gone.

3. TikTok Hanging and Crashing problem

Many times you have seen that TikTok App hangs or crashes. Sometimes You have faced this problem, so don’t worry, today I will tell you its solution.

Reason : It comes Because of watching more videos, the TikTok collects more caches which stored in phones memory which causes hanging or crashing problems.

Solution : Simply, you have to clear caches of TikTok app to fix this problem.

1. open the TikTok app.

2. Click on your profile icon.

3. Click on 3 dots.

4. Scroll down and click on Clear caches.

After that process relaunch the TikTok app then you will see that error will be fixed.

4. Tik Tok video not working after sharing

Many times you must have seen that after sharing the video on TikTok it does not run properly. So I’ll tell you how to solve this problem.

Reason : it’s not a official TikTok problem. Often it’s comes because of some technical issues.

Solution : You can fix it by clear cache and data TikTok app.

After this restart your phone and open TikTok app. Then you will not see this problem.

After this process if even comes this problem then uninstall TikTok app and then install the latest version of TikTok app so I am 100% sure that this error will be definitely fixed.

5. TikTok not opening ( unfortunately TikTok has stopped)

Sometimes you must have seen that TikTok not opens. It just shows us that “unfortunately TikTok has stopped” So why this problem came here is the reason-

Reason : Sometimes it comes because of your mobile technical problems and not updating that particular app.

Solution : Here is the best solution to fix this problem-

1. Open the Play Store.

2. Search TikTok in search bar.

3. Click on update and update the app.

4. After updating the app just restart your phone and open the TikTok app.

After this process you will see that this problem will be fixed.


So these were the Top 5 reasons of TikTok not working properly. And I also give you the solution of these problem in this post. I hope you have got some help after reading this article.

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