10 Things to Do on Your Phone When You’re Bored at Home

Imagine yourself sitting in the waiting area at a doctor’s clinic or in an Uber waiting to reach your destination, what is the first thing you will do?

Many of us may say, thinking about something productive, or planning your day, etc. But do we actually do that?

If we really give it an honest thought, we will realize that often we end up just pulling out our phones from our pockets or purses and randomly open social media to scroll things until you have lost all your sense of time and space.

We may deny it, but we actually do it! Well, we live in times, where using a phone is more of a habit or compulsion, than an actual need. Though we cannot very easily unhook ourselves from our phones, we might use it to be productive!

Bored at home? Here’s a list of top 10 things you can do on your phone!

  1. Listen to Music
  2. Play games
  3. Call your loved ones
  4. Delete unnecessary pictures
  5. Do some yoga by watching videos
  6. Read News
  7. Brush up your knowledge
  8. Make new friends
  9. Watch that movie you wanted to
  10.  Learn a new language.

Figure out how, when and why you can use these fun and useful things when you are bored at home.

1. Listen to Music:

People say, listening to music can be therapeutic! Songs and music now have a wide range of options! You can just choose the music according to your mood!

Have a bad day?

Cheer yourself up with some exciting songs, Feeling stressed or sad? Cry it out, with some sad songs to soothe yourself. Feeling romantic? Just set the tone with amazing music to your company!

It’s said that we tend to attach memories with songs, so you can also just relive the moments through your favourite songs. What can be a better thing to do when you are bored at home, than this.

2. Play games:

Playing games is always beneficial! It helps you reboot your brain; it helps you change your mood. Games like Candy crush saga, Ludo king, Chess, and rummy have always been very helpful in making your creative juices flow!

They help you master your skills like confidence and boldness. That is what anyone needs to be successful in all the areas of your life! If you’re looking for a more fast paecd classic game to play on your phone, Cribbage is a good option. Cribbage is a card game where players form point-scoring card combinations, striving to reach 121 points. Cribbage Online comes in easy, standard, and pro modes, making it an excellent choice for home entertainment with its captivating blend of strategy and luck.

3. Call your loved ones:

We are so far from each other, yet so close! Due to the availability of contacting anyone, anywhere, anytime! If you have such easy access to call people, then why not?

There is no harm, in letting people know how much you love them or how much you miss them! Make good use of technology, do such useful things on your phone. All the love and attention you need is just a call away!

4. Delete unnecessary pictures:

All of us take loads of pictures in the search of getting that one perfect picture! But what happens after we get that good picture?

All those photos which are not good enough, are blurred, redundant are just lying there on your phone without any use!

Why not just delete those pictures and make space for new ones. It can be a very happy and exciting activity to just skim through your gallery and recall all those moments. It can be one of the fun things to do on your phone when you feel bored!

5. Do some Yoga by looking at the videos:

We live in the times of YouTube! Also, in a time where your mental and physical health needs a lot of care to be taken. The healthiest thing to do on your phone can be doing some Yoga or meditation exercises to calm yourselves.

6. Read News:

Knowing what is going around the world is our duty as a responsible citizen. It can be one of the useful things to do on your phone and getting to know the news! Every day comes with its share of new information, happenings and things. Being updated is the least we can do to contribute.

7. Brush up your knowledge

Do you know who is the current chief minister of Assam? Do you know where the next Olympics is going to happen? Do you know what the Government is doing regarding news laws and bills passed?

World around us keeps changing every day! It is important that we also change every day and keep up with the new things around the world. Your phone is your tool to access information, then do things like these when you are bored at home.

8. Make new Friends:

There are many things to do on your phone but being able to make new friends tops the list. Just sign into any social networking website, and there you go. You can be friends with anyone around the world.

You are not just limited to your geographical location. Just get to know new people, new cultures, and new things just by sitting in your home.

9. Watch that movie you wanted to

You can just transcend into a new world of love, romance, fantasy, action, comedy with just a few clicks. Taking time for yourself is very important. Just treat yourself with the movie you wanted to from a long time! Don’t get bored, improve your tastes.

10. Learn a new language:

Throw that textbook of English to French out of the window. You live in the times, where learning something new can also be interesting. Learn a brand new language through new apps, fun activities and study exercises. Why just get bored at home, if you can master a new language!

Bonne Chance!

It’s the time to be the most productive individual just by using your phone. Make your addiction of using a phone into an awesome learning activity.

These are just some of the ways, but if you can think, Sky is your limit! Do not just get bored, use your phone to become the most successful person you can ever imagine.

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