The Internet brings not only benefits, but also many dangers

How To Protect Your Data On The Internet

The Internet not only gives people a lot of opportunities but also presents certain dangers which you can quickly neutralize with the right approach. Internet network technology allows you to use the World Wide Web for various purposes: communication, earnings, or entertainment. In any case, the user has to enter personal information, which allows for identifying the person. Leakage of such information can cause a person a lot of trouble, so you should treat data protection responsibly.

What is Classified as Personal Data

In professional terms, personal data allows you to identify a particular user. It includes email addresses, phone numbers, passport data, and social media pages. This category also includes biometric data. Using the Internet at work to provide personal data is possible, so you can only do with specifying it.

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There are several ways to deposit money, the most popular of which is a bank card, so you must use your data again. To minimize the risk of information leakage, you should use only licensed casinos with impeccable reputations. They protect customer information with unique encryption stored on the services. In addition, cooperation with a reliable gaming visual platform can significantly facilitate the withdrawal of funds when winning. Top Nine Casino guarantees its users personal data protection.

Why Do Cybercriminals Need Personal Information?

Hackers can sell personal information or other sensitive information to interested parties, and such information can be used by criminals to achieve the following purposes:

  • Using your credit card number to pay for your online purchases.
  • Borrowing money from a bank can cause significant damage to your reputation and ruin your credit history.
  • Demand money from others in your name.
  • Blocking accounts, giving false information on social media, and using data for blackmail.

There are many opportunities to use personal information, so you should protect it.

Where Identity Theft Most Frequently Occurs

People regularly use a lot of applications and services, as it’s very convenient. Still, it is rare for any of them to think about the dangers that can carry a typical computer application.

First, it is worth determining who and what information can be trusted. People often use Google applications, which does not present any danger in itself, but if an unfamiliar application requests access to email, it can be dangerous to provide any information. After all, the world is full of criminals who can hack into a program without logging into a user’s account.

In addition, cybercriminals often use the following to obtain data:

  • Email is primarily an ordinary mailbox, but it is this data that is specified when creating accounts on any service, so having this information, criminals can hack them quite easily. It is hazardous for people who use their email addresses for work purposes. A leak, in this case, is dangerous for the whole company because corporate information will be at risk. In addition, they can infect essential documents with a virus using a virus mailing list.
  • Accounts in gaming services – today, finding someone who does not play computer games is hard. Depending on the game, the gamer gets the necessary experience, weapons, and other resources. When hacking into an account, criminals can gain access to your wealth and steal the game itself, which costs real money in the licensed version.
  • Social networks – today, almost everyone also has social networks, some are very active there, and some are just observing. They can often be used to share information, photos, contacts, and even documents, which makes them a good deal for adventurers. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to protecting social media accounts.
  • IOS and Android accounts, which often use a Google account. If attackers gain access to them, they can use any information stored on the device. In addition, criminals can lock the victim’s phone and demand money so the victim can use it again.
  • Banking applications – a bank card is an excellent payment method; the user can quickly pay for a purchase or any service without getting off the couch. You should not use the card to pay for the services of dubious organizations because its data and your money can come into the possession of fraudsters.
  • Public authorities also offer their services in electronic format, which is very convenient for making an appointment with the doctor and getting the necessary certificate. Still, quite often, fraudsters create fake copies of applications and can take possession of personal data, which they use for their benefit.
  • Public WI-FI also rarely protects its connections, so using them on the road can be unsafe.
  • Mobile apps can also quite often ask for different permissions; you should be careful with these requests because they can easily be faked and created by criminals to obtain data.

It is difficult to refuse to use everything at once, but it is not necessary; you can use all the applications and accounts; you need to take care of their protection beforehand. How CYBER-CRIMINAL steals user data and why they do it

How to Protect Personal Data

There are different ways to protect personal data, and users most often use the following:

  • Authentication, includes two factors; in most cases, it is a combination of login and password, which can be done by SMS with a code or special applications,
  • Use a secure connection to the Internet – this uses the HTTPS protocol. It is necessary to check its presence before you start working with the site.
  • Use complex passwords – the best way to do this is to use password managers, which will come up with a complex combination that will be difficult to guess.
  • Manage access to applications – you need to check the information applications use. If there are suspicious requests – it is worth removing such applications.

When working with public WI-FI points, it is better to use VPS, which can hide the IP address. Read more about security at

You can use the following table to systematize the information

Danger Way to fix it
1 Public WI-FI Use a VPS
2 Too easy password Use password managers
3 Accounts in social networks and games Two factor authentication
4 Hacking when using websites HTTPS protocol

What is the internet and its uses? It is a great way to access any applications and services in your home, but it is worth paying attention to the security of personal information.

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