Tablet drawing tips – How and What to use for Great drawings

Either you have a tablet or already trying to purchase a tablet for drawing, you should also learn first that how to draw on a tablet because there are certain elements that you should learn before you can draw on a tablet.

Worry not, we have prepared this article for the reason to help you learn all the tips and techniques that can make your a good artist for tablet.

Keep in mind that digital drawing is totally different than traditional drawing and where you use a paint brush for traditional drawing, you need a stylus or touch pen to draw on the tablet.

That said, let’s get started with the tips of how to make great drawings, cartoons, or illustration on the tablet efficiently and quickly.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of software which are used for drawing on tablet. For example if you are an artist who got a tablet for procreate then you should first learn the basics of using the procreate software to effectively draw on the tablet. Similarly, if you have got a tablet for Cricut Design Space, then you should learn the basics of Cricut designing software to quickly and easily draw in that software.

Now, that you have the basic information on the important elements required for drawing on tablet, now let’s get started with the tips.

Match your hand movement with the movement of the screen

First of all if you have got a tablet with either bigger screen or that is heavier to carry then that’s a big concern for you if you’re an artist. Similarly, if you’re using a small drawing tablet for a large monitor then you will also face problems while drawing.

The other scenario could be the large tablet with a smaller monitor which will also result in a larger cursor on the screen.

Moving on, if you’re an artist that uses stylus or digital pen for drawing then you should maintain the pen strokes when drawing using your write because the distance between the pen and the display matters a lot.

Sit directly in front of the monitor and tablet 

Now the next big concern for drawing on the tablet is your sitting posture that either you feel comfortable or discomfortable when drawing. What position your hands are in and how far is the tablet placed from your eyes. You should align the display with your posture to make sure the lines your are drawing are being drawn perfectly without any issue of mismatching.

For that, you can either adjust the position of the tablet or adjust the tablet device to draw accurately and perfectly.

Check the friction between the drawing tablet and pen

The biggest problem for those who draw while holding the tablet in the hand is the slipping. The slipperiness is caused when the temprature is hot around and your hands release sweat that causes the slipping or the tablet.

Therefore, either use a cover to maintain the friction between your hands and tablet. Plus, there are overlay sheets as well which can increase the friction of the tablet. 

That’s all from this article, and I hope you would have learned a lot from these tips. Furthermore, you can find official sources of these two softwares that are mentioned above to further learn how to draw on tablet.

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