Skyfly Xbot-Wired Gaming Earphone Review – 2020

Skyfly Xbot-Wired Gaming Earphone


A good earphone can make a lot of difference when you’re teaming up online. The Skyfly XBot GE100 is a very comfortable and stylish wired earphone tested by the gamers and it is the best earphone for PUBG Mobile. In recent years, Skyfly has proved itself a best gaming earphones makers of the world.

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Key Features of Skyfly Xbot-Wired Gaming Earphone:

  • It comes with Dual Driver with Dual Mic for crystal clear sound quality. The dual-mic helps you to converse with your teammates to plan and execute your gaming strategies better while keeping your hands free.

  • The Ergonomically designed earbuds help you play games for long hours at a stretch. The box comes with 3 sized earbuds (S/M/L) to choose the perfect fit.

  • It has Gold Plated 3.5 mm Audio Jack for crisp sound to hear footsteps of approaching enemies in games.

  • While comparing it to other gaming headsets, XBot GE100 is much lighter and easier to carry.


If you’re looking for the best earphone for PUBG Mobile then this is the best earphone available in the market and you’re going to love its dual-driver technology that produces crystal clear sound while playing games.

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