Top 5 Best Gaming Earphones for PUBG Under 1500 in India – 2021

A good gaming earphone can make a lot of difference while teaming up online. If you’re looking for the best gaming earphone for PUBG under Rs.1500 then there are hundreds of options available in the market and selecting one of them is not a simple task. So, we had tried to help you in choosing the best from the rest.

Also, it is one of the basic needs of the gamers who want to enjoy the real gaming experience like good audio clarity or chatting with their teammates during playing games like PUBG.

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Most important things to consider while buying a gaming earphone:

(Things to see before buying a gaming earphone)

  1. Budget
  2. Build Quality
  3. Mic
  4. Dual Drivers

So, here are the top 5 gaming earphones for PUBG under Rs. 1500 that you can choose according to your need and that fulfils your budget.

Top 5 Gaming Earphones for PUBG Under Rs.1500:

1. Plextone Wired Gaming Earphone

Rating: 3.5/5

Plextone is one of the finest gaming earphones makers in the market. The Plextone G30 comes with a long cable (total cable length can up to 2.2M) with a desktop adapter and Mic. It has an 11cm detachable microphone and the earphone can 360 picks up your voice. 

The sound quality is excellent, and the fact that it blocks out the outside noises. Also, the package came with 3 pairs of the inner loop and silicon earbuds.

The Plextone G30 is the best gaming earphone for PUBG under Rs.1500 as it produces an excellent sound quality with noise isolation that don’t let opponents take you by surprise anymore and the 110 mm length mic can be adjusted to it sits close to your mouth. 


It has all the features mentioned below

  • Long Cable (length up to 2.2M)
  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Great Sound
  • Remote Control


  • Of course, besides great features, there are also a few things you’ve to compromise while buying a budget gaming earphone like it doesn’t have a dual driver.

2. Plextone Chat Gaming Earphone

Rating: 4.8/5

Here is another Plextone’s gaming earphone in our list for so many reasons. It has a 90cm long audio extension of top quality that provides excellent sound quality. It comes with a gun sound intensifier that accurately improves the mid-frequency range of the game to 150-300 Hz gunshot and the foot sound intensifier greatly improve the mid-frequency sound range of the game in 50-150 Hz footsteps. It is compatible with all the devices.

Plextone G25 is the best gaming earphone for PUBG under 1500 with so many features that you don’t find in any another gaming earphones in this range. The gun/footstep intensifier feature takes it to the next level.


It has all the features mentioned below

  • Long Cable (length up to 90cm)
  • Gun/Footstep Sound Intensifier
  • Great Sound & Comfort
  • Premium Design


  • It doesn’t have a dual driver and noise-cancelling mic.

3. Cosmic Byte Cosmos Carbon in-Ear Vibration Earphone

Rating: 4/5

 This is an exceptional Cosmos Carbon gaming earphones from Cosmic Byte. It has a stunning dual-tone design with a grey and black colour scheme. It comes loaded with an internal as well as external detachable microphone, providing better recording quality when paired with the unique external microphone. The ergonomic design of Cosmos Carbon helps in long, comfortable hours of usage in different environments. 

The premium design of Cosmos Carbon with sound drivers that are specially optimised for gaming makes it the best gaming earphone for PUBG under Rs.1500 and the functionality of the Cosmos Carbon takes it to the next level.


It has all the features mentioned below

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Enhanced Bass Effect
  • Braided Cable for Longevity


  • It doesn’t have a dual drive and noise-cancelling mic. To get a better vibration you would need to have a skull cap.

4. Plextone Gaming Earphones

Rating: 3.5/5

Plextone G20 is one of the best selling company’s gaming earphones. It’s preferred by most of the users who are looking for the best gaming earphone for PUBG under Rs.1500. It has sufficiently long cord including pc adapter, long cord earbuds are equipped with a bass speaker of top quality. Also, it has in-ear technology which blocks unnecessary noise.

If you’re looking for the best gaming earphone for PUBG under Rs.1500 with a long cord that produces an excellent bass and earbuds having in-ear technology that blocks unnecessary noise then Plextone G20 is the best option you have.


It has all the features mentioned below

  • Noise Isolation Capability
  • Long Cable Cord (87 inches)
  • Great Sound &Comfort
  • Remote Control 


  • It doesn’t have a detachable microphone and dual-driver.

5. Realme Buds 2

Rating: 4.5/5

In a few months of launching Realme Buds 2 has become one of the best selling wired earphones. It looks premium in design and produces great audio quality. It comes with the bass boost driver that produces an accurate bass response. It is considered as the best earphone for PUBG under 1500. It comes with a streamlined design that looks elegant and attractive. It has inline remote features three tactile buttons with a mic and its powerful 11.2mm bass boost driver brings you a deep and powerful with accurate bass response. 

Also, it has built-in magnets and a cable strap which are designed to provide the ultimate solution for neatly storing your earphones.

It is the best option for gamers for its sound and durability. If your budget is low and you want all the features like a bass boost driver then this is the best gaming earphone you’ll get under this range.


It has all the features mentioned below

  • Inline Remote feature
  • 11.2mm Bass Boost Driver
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Premium Design


  • It doesn’t have a detachable microphone and dual-driver.


The entire gaming earphone for PUBG we try to suggest you here are dependent on the way you feel about the product and what type of product fit for you.


It is the most important factor which will ultimately decide the buying of a gaming earphone. Everybody has a purchasing power so before buying a gaming earphone; you should put a budget for buying that.

Build Quality:

The Quality of the earphone plays an important role in providing the best experience and the design is something which always attracts you while choosing the earphone.


It is one of the basic needs of a gaming earphone which let you chat while playing games with your teammates.


The Dual Driver and Dual Mic for crystal clear sound quality. The dual-mic helps you to converse with your teammates to plan and execute your gaming strategies better while keeping your hands free. 


Before buying a gaming earphone always set your budget, check build quality or material used, drivers, Mic and read reviews of users who had already used it.

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