Top 10 Best Money Earning Apps in India – 2022

Is it Possible to Earn online money through Earning apps? If Yes then which are the best Earning apps in India. if you want to know the answer to these questions then you are on the Perfect Place.

With Modern and Digital Country things getting changed and same as for Earning Money. Now you can work from home and can earn a very good amount of earnings.

There are several Ways to Earn online Money like Blogging, Digital Marketing, Online freelancer, Youtube Channel and more. But Some of these ways are not for the beginner and it’s no easy to earn without having any skills.

But the Earning Apps we are going to share with you is Best, perfect and legit. Also, even beginners can earn very well from these apps. You used to need to install these apps on your Smartphone.

Maybe Few of you already know about these apps but we will tell you in detail how you can earn from earning apps in India.

Top 10 Best Money Earning Apps in India

Without having a Laptop or computer you can easily earn from these money-making apps. These apps concept based on Work from home so, students and house wife’s can take advantage of it.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

The best and trusted online earning app by Google. maybe you have heard about paid reviews or surveys. In Google’s opinion Rewards the same method used. you can earn money through just by taking some surveys.

This app is available for both Android and iOS and you can easily download it from Google Play store. To register for the survey you just need to create and new account. then whenever any new survey comes you will get the notification about that. The surveys are about your life, study, Traveling and more related and you just have to give the answers according to your interest.

2. MPL (Mobile Premium Leauge)

The most trending Indian app to earn online money in 2020. The MPL stands for Mobile Premium League. you can win money just by predicting in ICC World cup and other games. The app has more than 23 games to play. MPL available in two different versions one is MPL and the other is MPL Pro.

From this app, you can earn money by various methods like Playing games, Inviting your friends, and Predicting a game. The other cool feature of this app is you can win Headphones, mobiles, trips, etc. The app is available on the Play store and you can download it from there.

3. RozDhan

RozDhan is an Indian app that pays you for doing multiple tasks. you can withdraw your money by Paytm and UPI. The app is available in all regional Indian languages so anyone can understand it and use it.

You can earn from this app doing Download or sharing videos with family, friends. Whenever you upload any new video or refer your friend you will get the reward money. also, you can get a daily activity bonus.

4. Helo

Helo is a News and entertaining app where you can read the news, post images, watch videos and more. You can create your account in it and earn from it. The average money you will get per successful referral is 31 rs. The more you people invite for helo and more money you will earn.

You can download this app from Playstore and if you want to earn more money from this app. then you can make its video and upload it on Youtube, paste your invitation link for a referral and you will get free money.

5. Meesho – Products Selling

If you have any kind of audience like if you have the Instagram page, Facebook page, whatsapp group or any other. then you can earn from Meesho very easily. In the Meesho app, you just have to create a new account and then you have to refer your account product links to others.

When someone buys Products from your link you will get its commission. You can share these Product links anywhere you want. you can even refer your friends or family if they want to buy any online product.

6. Databuddy

Databuddy is another cool app to earn money online in India. In this app you have lots of money-earning offers like here yo can watch youtube, Download apps or games, as well as playing them online. You will get 10rs per referral.

you can withdraw your money anytime in Payth wallet once it reached 50rs. You can download this app from the play store and also it’s available in iOS. When you use your mobile data this app save some part of data and then later you can redeem it

7. Slidejoy – Lock Screen

Have you ever heard about the lock screen app which pays you if you use it? Slidejoy is the only Lock screen app which pays you whenever you unlock your mobile lock with it.

This app shows you trending videos and news which you can read and watch. This app shows some ads but it will pay you per unlock and use. you can redeem your coins in Paypal and can buy Gift cards of amazon or other websites.

8. Moocash

The Moocash app which pays you Money by just doing some activities or completing some tasks. you can earn money by playing games, trying free apps, watching videos, and you can redeem your money by Mobile Top UP recharge and Bitcoin.

There are very few apps that pay you just by watching videos. you can earn Gists cards of Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

9. App Trailer

App Trailer is another cool money earning app where you can earn money just by Reviewing Movies, trailers, and games. maybe you think its just a joke that how can someone pay yours by reviewing trailer or movies?

But yes this app pay you for that. you can withdraw you money in the Paytm wallet and also can earn Gift cards of Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

10. mCent

mCent the real money-making app and I am sure that most of you guys already know about this app. mCent is a very old app and you can earn online money through it. you can recharge your smartphone with mCent.

mCent browser pays you when you use it to surf internet and mCent pay you per the tasks you complete like installing the apps or playing games.

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