Pulled-Back Muscle Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Pulled Back Muscle?

Athletes or people with physical jobs, such as painters, suffer from different injuries. One of the most reported injuries is the back injury. They report that they have felt intense shooting pain suddenly during work for their muscle. It is a sign of pulled-back strength.

Our body can perform different challenging physical activities due to the muscles. Muscles are the supportive fibrous with every bone and spinal cord. When we overstretch the strength during physical activity, it causes intense pain. This tearing of muscles and tendons is called pulled back muscle.

What Causes a Pulled Back Muscle and What does it feel Like

Causes of pulled back muscles are mostly related to hardcore physical activities.

Sports and Athletics

Sports are the main activities reported for the reason of pulled back muscle. Sports and athletics depend on the technique as well. Playing games without proper technique can lead to injury, mostly pulled back muscle.

Obese People

Additionally, this pulled-back muscle problem affects obese persons. The lower back of the human body is constructed so that it bears most of our weight. When we gain a lot of weight, it becomes difficult for back muscles to lift. So, one of them is torn, those causes pulled back muscle.

Twisting Muscle

Other than sports, many jobs require you to be physically fit. Painter and window cleaning is one of the main activities that cause pulled-back muscle. Because in these activities, you use your powers for overhead movement repeatedly.

Accidental Fall

Pulled back muscle is a name torn muscle or tendon at our back. It’s not mandatory to suffer this issue due to physical activity. A hard fall on your back in an accident can also cause pulled-back muscle.


  • Muscle Cramps
  • Hurts during Walking and Bending
  • Hard to Stand Straight
  • Shooting pain when Moving
  • Pain extending to Buttocks
  • It feels Tight and Sore

What to do for a pulled back muscle, Pulled Back Muscle Treatment

Now coming to the most critical question of what to do for a pulled back muscle? Treatment of pulled back muscle varies according to the severity of the pull. You can resolve some of them at home, and some need an emergency hospital visit.

Ice Therapy

The moderate condition of pull back muscle can mainly be dealt with at home. Ice therapy is the best treatment in this scenario. Purchase any ice bag from the pharmacy. Apply it to the affected part for 20 minutes maximum. It will relieve the pain immediately.

Rest and Sleep

Rest and sleeping posture are the first and foremost treatments for pulled back muscle. The doctor will recommend you take bed rest for seven days at least. Improve your sleeping style as well. Lie straight in the back and put a pillow under your knee.

Heat Therapy

Applying heat to the affected part when it is partially healed can positively impact it. It increases the blood flow in affected areas.


If home remedies are not working for you, go to your physician. He may refer you to a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists will perform different exercises that will stretch your muscles to some extent. This therapy is very soothing during pain.

Medical Braces

Improving your lifestyle can keep you fit from this condition. Walking keeps all parts of the body active. Try to walk at moderate speed for 5 to 10 minutes three times a day. Also, use a good back brace to keep the heat on muscles. It will give more strength to the pulled muscle.

What is the best back brace for Pulled Back Muscle?

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Can a pulled back muscle cause chest pain?

Yes, if your front muscle is also strained along with your back muscle, it can cause pain in the chest.

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