Top 10 Best NGO in India

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the top 10 best NGO in India with the help of this article, which is doing very well. If you want, you can also donate them to help these best NGOs in India. So let me tell you about these Best NGO in India.

Top 10 Best NGO in India
Serial No.Name Of NGOFounded ByMission & VissionOfficial Website
1.GoonjAnshu GuptaGoonj envisions to grow as an idea across regions.Goonj
2.Give FoundationVenkat KrishnanTo promote efficiency and effectiveness.GiveIndia
3.Smile FoundationSantanu MisraEvery Child in SchoolSmile Foundation
4.Nanhi KaliAnand MahindraGirl Child EducationNanhi Kali
5.CRY (Child Rights and You)Rippan KapoorTo make people discover their potential for action and changeCRY
6.HelpAge IndiaMr. Jackson Cole, Samson DanielTo work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older personsHelpAge India
7.Sammaan FoundationIrfan AlamEvery person is able to lead their life with dignity and pride while respecting others in
8.Pratham Education FoundationMadhav ChavanEvery Child in School and Learning wellPratham
9.LEPRA IndiaSir Leonard RogersTo restore health, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other allied diseases associated with povertyLepra Society
10.The Akshaya Patra FoundationMadhu Pandit DasaNo child in India shall be deprived of education because of hungerAkshaya Patra

1. Goonj

Goonj | Non-Profit Organisation

Goonj is a non-governmental organization founded in the year 1999 by Anshu Gupta based in Delhi, India that won “The NGO of the Year Award in 2007”.  Its main motto is to focus on disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and leverage community development. Goonj has started with 67 garments and now deals with over 3500 tonnes of material every year. Its projects that gathered huge support were “Cloth for Work”, “Not Just a Piece of Cloth”, and “School to School”.

2. Give Foundation

GiveIndia, Give India - Charities Operating in India, GiveIndia ...

Give Foundation was established in the year 1999 located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an online donation platform that aims provide resources to credible non-governmental organizations across India and making their life better. The foundation helps in raising funds and contribution from individuals and distributes it to credible NGOs which support a cause of his/her choice. It is making sure that the organizations to which the funds are being transferred have full transparency and credibility.

3. Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation - Wikipedia

Smile Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization was established in 2002 based in New Delhi, India, and reaches approximately 400,000 children and their families. The Smile Foundation aims to bring positive change in the lives of underprivileged children, their families, and communities. The foundation provides services of the provision of health care, education, livelihood for children and women, equally affected by the lack of resources. The programs are Smile on Wheels, Mission Education, and Smile Twin e-learning programs. 

4. Nanhi Kali

Girl Child Education, NGO for Education of Girls in India – Nanhi Kali

Nanhi Kali is an Indian non-governmental organization formed to support the education of underprivileged girls in India and it is founded by Anand Mahindra in 1996. The project provides a positive influence on educated girls and women in the long run. The aim is to create global awareness about the plight of young girls in the country who are denied their basic rights.  Nanhi Kali supports the cause of Scholarships & Grants, Livelihood Training- Mahindra Pride School, Girl Child Education- Project Nanhi Kali. 

5. CRY (Child Rights and You)

About CRY India | ProjectHeena

CRY is an Indian non-governmental organization founded in 1979 by Ripon Kapoor that helps restore children’s rights to build a society that promises equality, justice, and respect. CRY provides services including Child Labour, Girl Child, Malnutrition, Poverty, Education and Illiteracy, Child Marriage, Child Trafficking, Gender Inequality with advocacy, spreading awareness, direct action, and policy changes.  CRY is dedicated both their time and funds for ensuring a healthy, happy, and creative childhood.  

6. HelpAge India

HELPAGE INDIA Reviews, Employee Reviews, Careers, Recruitment ...

HelpAge India was founded in the year 1960 NGO is working towards the cause and care of the disadvantaged older person.  It is founded by Sri Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Mr. Jackson Cole, and Samson Daniel. Its main focus is to provide free medicines and free consultations to help improve the quality of life by taking action against universal, pension, healthcare, Elder Abuse at the national, state, and social levels with the central and state governments and advocates for the needy.

7. Sammaan Foundation

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Samman Foundation is a ‘not-for-profit’ company which was established in the year 2007, The foundation is actively engaged in community service through several grassroots initiatives including extensive work in health and livelihoods. Samman Foundation is focusing on sustainable livelihood, participatory management, and community mobilization and promotes financial inclusion, micro-entrepreneurship, health, and agriculture at the grass-root level.  It is one of the leading NGO in India working with the marginalized sections of society.

8. Pratham Education Foundation

Know Pratham Skilling - YouTube

Pratham was established in 1995 with the motive of providing education to children in the slums of Mumbai and to improve the quality of education. The foundation created to improve the low-cost repeated interventions to fill the gaps in the education system and make it better for living. Pratham has today spread in 23 states and union territories in India and supported chapters in the United States, Britain, Germany, and Sweden Used to be. 

9. LEPRA India

LEPRA Society-Telangana- CSR Organization profile

LEPRA is a non-governmental organization that helps in promoting quality health care. The foundation initiates and fosters new development and implementation. The motive of this society is to support marginalized children, women, youngsters, slum dwellers, and migrants by providing them medical help. The foundation is supporting National Health Program for the prevention and control of various diseases by promoting health improvement activities in a poor community. The foundation has worked in many leading Indian cities and making life worth living.

10. The Akshaya Patra Foundation

Home | Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra Foundation was founded in the year 2000 by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The organization serves mid-day meals to over 1.76 million children from 15,024 schools across 12 states in India. The NGO attempts to feed the children in India who lack the means but have the zeal to learn and achieve with the Mid-Day Meal Programme. The motive is countering malnutrition and supporting the right to education of socio-economically disadvantaged children. 


What is NGO?

An NGO is a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government, usually aimed at addressing a social or political issue.

How many NGOs are in India?

India has around 3.2 million registered non-government organization’s (NGOs). Indians have more per capita NGOs than hospital beds. The Central Statistical Organisation of India states there are around four NGOs for every 1,000 people in urban areas and 2.3 NGOs for every 1,000 rural population.

Which is the best NGO for donations in India?

Goonj is the best NGO for donations in India. Goonj is a non-governmental organization founded in the year 1999 by Anshu Gupta based in Delhi, India that won “The NGO of the Year Award in 2007”. Its main motto is to focus on disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and leverage community development.

Which is the best NGO for education in India?

The Give Foundation is the best for education in India. The Give Foundation was established in the year 1999 located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an online donation platform that aims to provide resources to credible non-governmental organization’s across India and make their life better.


So friends, they were the top 10 best NGOs in India. I hope that you have found the information you wanted about the best NGO in India and our article will be helpful for you.

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