How to mod someone on twitch | 4 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

Hello guys, today’s topic how to mod someone on twitch so if you don’t know about this then you can read this post completely because in this post I will told you how to mod someone on twitch with step by step.

How to mod someone on twitch

1. Go to and just click on menu icon.

mod someone on twitch

2. Click on the name.

mod someone on twitch

3. Now Click on the OP user.

mod someone on twitch

4. Now you can see the message that ” You have added as a moderator of this room”

mod someone on twitch


Do twitch staff get paid?

According to the statistics, the annual salary of Twitch admin ranges from $104,379 to $123,563. If we consider an average salary, it is $111,044.

Do twitch mods get paid?

No, unless there is a special circumstance where a media company (such as IGN) is streaming, it is very unlikely that they get paid.

What can moderators do on twitch?

Moderators (Mods) ensure that chat is up to the standards of the Broadcaster by removing offensive posts and spam that detracts from conversations. They are easily identified by the green sword icon that appears next to their name, and can use commands found here to remove posts and alter chat.


So this is the simple method to mod someone on twitch and now I hope you will understand very easily that how to mod someone on twitch. If you like this post then share this with your friends and give your feedback in comment.

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