How to get clothes in pubg | 5 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

Hello guys, If you play pubg game continue then you have noticed one thing that in pubg game top position of screen there are some banners comes of clothes because pubg game release latest clothes daily.

So today’s topic is very interesting for pubg lovers because in this post I will tell you that how to get clothes in pubg with step by step.

How to get clothes in pubg

Step 1 : Open PUBG game.

get clothes in pubg

Step 2 : Click on shop icon.

get clothes in pubg

Step 3 : Then choose Crates option.

get clothes in pubg

Step 4 : Here you will see different and latest clothes. So click on that clothes that you want to buy.

get clothes in pubg

Step 5 : Now there will be open a popup box to buy the clothes so click on OK button .


Can I get free UC in PUBG?

Elite Royale Pass is the best way to get UC in PUBG Mobile for free. It offers a total of 600 UC as RP mission rewards. The players need to buy the Elite Royale Pass and complete the RP missions. Elite Royale Pass costs 600 UC and the players can get the whole amount they paid to buy back the same easily.

What is BP PUBG?

BP is a PUBG Mobile in-game currency that players earn through completing matches, missions, & more! They’re used to purchase Soldier’s Crates & change character appearances & gender.

How do you get new clothes in PUBG?

Just like in PUBG, most of the clothes you get in PUBG Mobile will probably come from the game’s loot crates, which you purchase from the Supplies tab with your hard-earned Battle Points. Loot crates start at 700 BP, but subsequent purchases will cost you more BP until the price resets at the end of the week.


So, this is the simple method to get latest clothes in pubg mobile game and I hope you will understand very easily how to get clothes in pubg. If you like this post share your feedback and comment and share this with your friends.

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