How to link discord to twitch | 5 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

In this post I will tell you how to link discord to twitch. You can link discord to twitch for various things that discord has available for linking to twitch.

People usually try to do when it comes to discord is to link it with their twitch account because they might be subscribed to someone on twitch for instance.

Example : I have subscribed a channel and he has a sub only discord server that you can only join, if you are a subscriber of this so you might be subscribe to someone they might have the server you might want to join up but you don’t know to link a discord to twitch so today in this post I will tell you completely how to link discord to twitch with step by step.

How to link discord to twitch

1. First thing, make sure that you have a verified discord account and a twitch account. ( they don’t have to be linked with same email address )

link discord to twitch

2. Click on “settings”.

link discord to twitch

3. Click on “connections”

link discord to twitch

4. So here you will see the logo of twitch so it will automatically link discord to twitch.

link discord to twitch

5. After completing this process you will see that “your twitch account has been linked to discord”.

link discord to twitch


What is discord in twitch?

Twitch is introducing a new feature today for streamers that will let them create their own Discord-like channels, separate from standard Twitch chat, where viewers and subscribers can talk to each other. … Think of it like an administrative or leadership room on Discord and Slack.

Why cant my stream hear my discord?

Make sure that your viewers can hear you, your Discord, and your game during the stream. If you, your game, or your Discord are much louder than another, your viewers won’t be able to hear what you are all saying and may leave your stream.

How long does it take for discord to sync with twitch?

The Twitch-Discord sync can take up to 24 hours to complete, but normally takes a few minutes.


This is a simple process to link discord to twitch so if you like this post and give your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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