Top 3 Best Helmets under 1500 in India – 2021

Safety comes first every time. As of late helmets have increased a ton of significance through different reasons some of them are – mindfulness towards general just as street safety, exacting standards and guideline by the government and considerably more. The best helmets under Rs.1,500 are best to have as those are moderate just as are offered by top-selling and driving brands. Additionally, every one of them conveys great and quality highlights. 

Helmets assume a significant job and perform numerous exercises like shielding our heads from risky mishaps, likewise shielding our face from dirtied air that conveys hurtful residue and smoke and furthermore offers safe drive during winters and stormy season.

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1. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet

This helmet is outstanding amongst another helmet that is magnificent with structure, style, and design. It suits your character very well. It has a detachable just as a launderable interior that makes it an effectively usable helmet. Additionally, it has an extraordinary ventilation system which guarantees comfortable rides. It is an ISI approved helmet along these lines quality and durability do not come under any doubt. Inculcated with advanced CAD innovation it provides you extraordinary comfort.


  • It is an ISI approved helmet.
  • It suits your character very well.
  • It provides you extraordinary comfort.


  • Can’t see when the visor is open.

2. Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-R-M Open Face Helmet

The most famous brand for bike, helmets and many more riding products. It comes up with this amazing and one of a kind styled helmet for riders. It is an open face helmet and does not convey any visor in this way it covers up just the head zone and the sides of the face. The helmet is ISI and DOT certified since it is double certified from both of the standards the quality and durability do not come being referred to.


  • The helmet is ISI and DOT certified.
  • Good quality and durability.
  • Value for money.


  • No warranty

3. Vega Crux CRX-W-M Flip-up Helmet

This helmet by Vega is a very one of a kind one and is very affordable. It’s one of a kind style influences people and makes it extra attractive. This helmet goes about as the best daily use helmet. Its entire body is designed with quality material that can experience the hardest of the circumstances and absorb the hardest of the stuns. It is light weighted, it weighs 1.5kg just and its inward padding could be very comfortable.


  • Very affordable.
  • This helmet goes about as the best daily use helmet.
  • Very comfortable.


  • On speed 110+ the helmet moves like hell due to windblast.


Searching for the best helmet under Rs.1,500 isn’t a simple undertaking as there are a variety of novels accessible available. So in this article we have told you about the top 3 best helmet under Rs.1,500 and also we have told the information about every helmet we mentioned below with their prices.

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