Top 3 Best Helmets for Man under 2000 in India

As we all know, Helmets are very important for our day to day life. Because it is for safety concern, so everybody should wear it. Helmets protect us from severe injuries in case of accidents. There are so many death cases due to road accidents every year. So it is a serious cause. It will increase our safety as well as help us to stay away from dirt and pollution from our face. 

It covers an extra hard layer for our head which protect us from some severe brain injuries. The main aim to wear a helmet is reduce the impact of extra force which collides to our head. Majority of deaths happened due to severe head injury, so a protective layer is very important to make us safe. Helmets also protect us from flying gravel particles, dirt and dust. They are helpful in protecting against tree branches and hanging objects. Here are the list of top 3 best helmets under the range of 2000 which everybody can use. 

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Best Helmets in India

1. Royal Enfield Matt Black Open Face with Visor Helmet

This helmet are classic half face design and it has light weight. This helmets are made up of durable materials and has more protection. They come with advance safety and advance features. They are very comfortable and passed safety standards. The helmets have scratch resistance properties which makes it better. It is the top 1 helmet with Adjustable nylon chin straps for our comfort.  And has micrometric locks for better use.


  • Adjustable nylon chin straps 
  • scratch resistance properties and clear vision
  • Expanded polystyrene inner lining for extra protection


  • The fitting is not so good for everyone.
  • Bottom sleeves get dismantle easily
  • Strap’s clip are not of good quality

2. Vega Off Road D/V Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet

This helmet comes in high impact Material shell. This is ISI certified helmet makes it better in safety and comfort parameters. It is having smooth and easy visor changing techniques. It is an odor resistant which makes helmet very safe and we can wear it for long time. It comes in various thicknesses for proper fit. It has removable and replaceable pads and they are optional. It also has safe collarbone profile so that it won’t hurt while wearing.


  • Removable and washable lining
  • Scratch resistant and UV resistant
  • Metallic Quick release micrometric buckle


  • It has inner visor which is very difficult to get down at one go.
  • It is quite expensive according to features.
  • Visor is not air resistant, air blows into eyes.

3. Vega Ryker D/V Bolder Full Face Helmet 

It comes with dual visor which makes our vision easy. It has unique shape and heavy material. It has weight 1146 grams. It also has front vents to reduce fogging in case of long wear. It has Admirable beading of the window and the bottom. And its silent chin strap lock makes it very easy to wear and provide good control for wearer.  And it has very unique shape for ideal fit to anybody.


  • It has dual port exhaust vents
  • Admirable beading of the window and the bottom
  • It has Detachable washable interior which makes it very helpful.


  • Clips are not good
  • Can’t wear for long time because it is heavy
  • Strap locks are not of good quality

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