How to get green blood in pubg | 5 – Steps ( With screenshots )

Hello friends, in today’s post I will tell you that how to get green blood in pubg or how can you change blood colour from red to green in pubg.
So if you want to get green blood colour in pubg then read this post completely because I mentioned it step by step in this post.

“How to Get green blood in pubg game”

Step 1 : First of all, open PUBG game.

Get green blood in pubg

Step 2 : now click on bottom right side settings icon.

Get green blood in pubg

Step 3 : In the next screen scroll down then you will see ” damage effect” option. Aside of this option there are two more option :

1 – Mythic

2 – Uncommon

“Mythic” option is for red blood color and ‘Uncommon” option is for green blood.

Step 4 : click on “Uncommon“.

Get green blood in pubg

Step 5 : finally , play the game and now you will see that blood colour is changed from red to Green. so you have successfully get the green blood colour in pubg.

Note : This feature was first seen in the Chinese version and it was in great demand in the global version. And now it is also available on 0.9 Global version.


Why is PUBG blood green?

The next time you launch your game you will see green blood instead of red blood! Green blood is easier to see for all types of vision and if you’re sensitive to blood and prefer a more cartoony green feel, this well help as well.

Can you turn off blood in PUBG?

The blood in it is just red spray. You can also turn off that blood effect. … Some kids can deal with the blood effect though.

Is there blood in PUBG mobile?

This game is good overall, but the violence is a lot due to the real looking guns and it has little blood just some blobs of red stuff, and it has a little nudity it just shows woman’s breasts on top covering everything else, this game is good for ages 12 and up.


So I hope you will understand how to get green blood in pubg. if you like this article then give your feedback through comment and also share with your friends.

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