Top 6 Best Gaming News Sites | User Guide – 2022

There is so much stuff online that we can spend our cash on it is no wonder that people want to be able to find out more about products first. That is why websites that offer news and reviews about products are a big deal in the digital world of 2022.

Gaming is one of the most popular types of entertainment in that world and sites that cater to gamers with information about the latest games or games tech news found on tiktoktip are important. They help people to decide what is worth or not worth their money.

Just like the products they discuss though, not all of these gaming news and reviews sites are of equal value. Here we will list the six best ones to visit for useful games information.


GamesRadar+ is a site that has been on the internet since 1999. That is a very long time for a website to thrive in a sector like gaming, which is always searching for the shock of the new.

It is a site that concentrates on reviewing the latest games and covering news related to the industry. It does not feature as many reviews as some rival sites, but has built its reputation on putting quality ahead of quantity.

Each review also contains short lists of pluses and minuses for the game being discussed, letting people get quick-fire information if that is what they prefer. It has now branched out into reviewing other forms of entertainment as well, particularly movies, which was when it added the + to its title.

It will be interesting to see if it maintains its standards in the future while broadening its reach.


This is possibly the top site for comprehensive gaming industry coverage. If you visit Destructoid you will find news and reviews looking at the hottest new games like Elden Ring, but will also find reviews and coverage of gaming sites.

Destructoid offers its users strong coverage of games streaming sites such as Twitch and Roblox as well as news about top online gaming sites like 888poker. It has been around since 2006, although originally it was just a games blog, and it is a great place to go for general gaming industry reviews and info.


Metacritic is not specifically a gaming site, but rather a review aggregator. That makes it similar to the popular movie site Rotten Tomatoes, except that it pulls together games reviews as well as film ones.

It is the best gaming news site to visit if you are not keen on reading in-depth analysis and don’t want industry news or interviews. It provides links to reviews and a total score out of 100 for each game, determined by the number of positive and negative write-ups.

That makes it a way of identifying the most highly rated new titles very quickly.

Game Informer

One of the longest lasting names in the gaming industry, this is both a print magazine and an online site. The print version started in 1991, with the website following five years later, so both are real survivors.

People like Game Informer because it covers developments within the industry in genuine depth. Alongside reviews of new games, gaming technology and sites, it is also the best place to find articles about – and interviews with – top industry people.

It is able to get figures like Jack Tretton from Sony Playstation and actor Bruce Campbell (who voices Ash in the new Evil Dead Game) to talk about the games and their future plans. It also offers a mix of text news and reviews, video and podcasts.


While reviews and features written by professional games journalists are the backbone of the industry, studies show that the public consider commentary by ordinary people just as informative. The best place for gamers to get this is YouTube channels like the AngryJoeShow.

Run by Joe Vargas, this channel produces video reviews lasting between 30 and 45 minutes that look at new games. The name of the channel comes from his fury at poor quality ones, but his reviews and sketches are smart, funny and helpful.

That is why his channel has accumulated more than three million subscribers, making it perhaps the biggest game review channel on the site.


This is another gaming news site that dates back to the 1990s, having debuted in 1996. It contains a mix of the biggest news stories related to the games industry, reviews of the newest releases and lists of forthcoming titles.

One thing that makes GameSpot feel different is that it does not just cover games from the biggest developers. It takes a genuine interest in small independent creators too, introducing its audience to titles they might otherwise not hear about.

Then there is the forum section of the site. This allows gamers who have set up an account to log in and post reviews and other useful info themselves.

It is also a social space for making friends who share an interest in gaming and helping each other out with problems that arise during the game-play.

The sites that stand out in the competitive gaming news field are ones that provide something different from their rivals. Whether that happens to be social forum space, interviews with the top creators or the perspective of an ordinary person who loves playing games.

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