DayZ Standalone Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

There are a few games in this world that can make you stick to your seat for hours. And if you want to be glued as well, the DayZ Standalone is the best option for you. The game is set in a dystopian world with zombies walking around; you are bound to be impressed with it.

But, not all can master the game with their skills. Honestly, it is not a child’s play to ace it. However, being a pro is not that difficult if you can utilize some clever tips and hacks while playing the game.

Things can be a little bumpy for beginners, especially. You may lose your chances at scratch. But if you are clever and a quick learner, success is not far.

So, here are the tips for you!

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Loot locations

One golden tip for playing DayZ is that the more you loot, the more your chances of survival increase. Merely fighting with opponents might get you killed in seconds! Hence, focus on the loot location and try to gather as many essential things as possible.

You might find a piano house that has three doors and a piano on the first floor. This house usually contains food, guns, and clothes that you can take up. Similarly, police stations might be checked for the same purpose. However, you might not have a bit of good luck every time you go. It’s not always possible to find amenities there.

But yes, try to hunt the possible locations for your own good.

Carry morphine

This is a pro tip you will need while playing the game. What happens is that looting Chernarus might get your legs broken. Now, you should understand that you can not move with a broken leg; you can not jump, walk or not even crouch! In these cases, some players use a wooden splint to repair the broken legs or other limbs.

But that usually takes a longer time. Instead, if you carry morphine, one injection and one single jab can heal you within a blink. You might use them while you have injuries to any other body parts. But using or saving it for a broken leg is what smartness stands for.

Kill Zombies

Initially, the Zombies were not much of a threat to the players. You could go one-on-one with them and kill them with a punch. But with the recent update, the zombies have become dangerous. Their melee attack technique and the increased agility have made it difficult for the players to go on a direct kill.

Hence, it is recommended for you not to go much closer to the zombies. Try firing at them for cover like a stone wall. And always try to attack from above or behind. It is a fool’s decision to engage in a direct close-quarters fight.

Finding arms

Every survival game in the world sprawls upon one strand of norms: you have to find weapons, kill to survive, and win the game. This particular game is also not an exception. You have to find firearms to last longer in the game. Without weapons, you might prove yourself to be a gourmet meal to the zombies! that is surely not what you want.

To avoid complications, find places where you can get firearms. For example, Gun houses and police stations are known to contain weapons. Another excellent place where you might discover weapons is factory rooftops. They can provide you with MP-133 Shotguns, MP5-K, Mosin 9130, etc.

Try getting your hands on some good firearms as soon as possible.

Try getting a headset

This might seem like a technical tip. But trust me, if you consciously follow this suggestion, success is yours. Get your hands on a premium quality headset.

Why do I say so?

Sound is an essential hint while playing this game. If you can invest in a supreme headset, it will be easier for you to hear the footsteps and other sound traces. So, consider this as a pro tip.

Final words

Survival games are super exciting for a game enthusiast. And this game is undoubtedly one of the most engaging survival games in the world. Thousands of players come and try their luck at gameplay. However, all of them do not succeed. And for beginners, things might seem a little overwhelming, but as you spend time in practice, you are more likely to overcome the difficulties. Try consciously applying the tips mentioned above in your gameplay and see yourself acing the game like a pro.

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