Best Popular Car Racing Games To Play in Any Platform

Video gaming has evolved into a mainstream business since the 1970s. Car Racing Games, which were initially launched for marketing, are one of the highly played games all over the world. Some people are quite obsessed with video games and some of them are crazy about driving exotic cars. If you ever wished the same, we suggest you hire a sports car from the professional Rent Car Dubai to enjoy your trip in your dream car.

Though there are a number of vehicles racing games, only a few are top-rated and highly played. Have you ever thought about what makes a car racing game best? Along with the hardcore, gamers judge and love to play the game having perfect graphics and properly tuned sounds. If you ever played car racing games, you will agree that all these things are helpful in making your game smooth.

No matter what kind of games you like, the following are some best car racing games that you will surely love to play. Make sure to bring your friends or family with you to enjoy here:

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is the topmost racing game of autos among all the CSP Racing series. You know what this game is basically a drag racing game. You can upgrade your gaming skills by buying various kinds of wheels before starting races. You can choose the mode of the game according to your feasibility.

You can go online car racing with your friends and any other person from any area of the world. Besides online gaming, you can play offline races. You will be glad to see that CSR Racing 2 is a free game offering different races on featured campaign mode. In fact, this game is the best way to kill boredom in free time.


IRacing game is another superb racing game to be played on any platform, especially PC. The most amazing feature of this game is high-quality simulation specifications for hosting all the official races of special events on servers. You will be amazed to know IRacing demonstrates a realistic racing impact. Due to this, you can only visualize things behind your steering wheel being a player.

Due to such amazing features, this game will charge you a bit higher price but the gaming quality will be unremarkable and matchless. Initially, you can start playing this game with a rookie license. But with the passage of time, you have to win various races by avoiding accidents and damages to update your license.

Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is an enthralling racing game developed by Kairosoft. No doubt this game is a simple simulation of mechanics, but still people love this game. Do you know the reason for the popularity of such a simple and decent game? This is the only game in which you will handle your team like a boss. If your kids have leadership skills, you can ask him to play this indoor game in the pandemic.

You will have to train your drivers for achieving sponsors to participate and win the races. It has been observed that Grand Prix Story gamers want to drive all kinds of luxury motors. So, here is an exciting opportunity for you especially if you are in Dubai. You can hire all the vehicles of your choice one by one from the Rent a Car Dubai company to experience a real-life racing experience.

Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 is an ultra-advanced racing game usually played on PlayStations. If you are a hardcore gamer, this game will win your heart if you once play it. Among all the PlayStations, the Gran Turismo series is the topmost selling brand. You will be surprised to know that Gran Turismo has 650 licensed featured vehicles to be run on 27 different racing tracks.

Being an operator, you will be able to compete for your auto with those of AI players on the track of your choice. Are you pondering upon the mode of the game which you can play on your PlayStation? If yes, you will be glad to hear that you can compete in both modes i.e., Arcade as well as Simulation mode.

Is there any difference between Simulation and Arcade Mode?

If you are a beginner, you must know the basic difference between these modes before initializing a race. In Simulation mode, you are supposed to buy vehicles at a fixed cash price to earn an advanced license. Contrarily, you don’t need such fixed deposits to win trophies in Arcade mode. But on the whole, this game is best for you as you have to buy a PlayStation only for once.

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon is the best ever car racing game ever launched by the Playground games. This game is the ninth installment of the Feroza Series but how fast this game gained popularity is just beyond appreciation. You can only play this racing video game on Xbox One and Window. All the necessities and accessories of a petrolhead are perfectly present in it.

After getting this game, you can participate in official races on special events. For instance, there are some official races announced for gamers every year to compete with their national and international rivals. The most amazing thing is you will also get a prize if you will be able to win such official races. Besides these, you can get a chance to participate in a live car race.

No matter whether you are an auto racing gamer or not, you can enjoy an adventurous ride of luxury sports wheels. So, if you ever plan a Dubai trip, never ever miss a chance to hire a sports car from the RentalCarsUAE and enjoy a luxury ride.

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