Why should you choose a Customized Bundle Package?

In this fast pacing era where everyone is working around the clock to make their lives better one has to be cautious before spending money on anything. Before choosing anything we are always concerned if we are getting the best quality and is it worth all the money?

In the United States Charter Spectrum which is also now merged with Bright House Network and Time Warner is the 2nd largest provider for the Internet Services, Cable TV, Home Phone services along with Mobile services. Spectrum is available in more than 44 states that shows how vastly it is being used these states includes Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina and many more. Moreover, the way Spectrum is expanding day by day it will be serviceable in more areas in the future.

Spectrum lets you Save more:

There are various advantages of using Spectrum services one of the best advantage is affordability that comes along with the packages that you choose, you can always make a call on spectrum customer service and get more details so you can choose wisely. The agents are there 24/7 to answer all your queries just make sure how you take the required information do mention that you are looking for packages.

Bundle Packages that Spectrum is offering:

Currently Spectrum is offering some great bundle packages that means you can choose from the options. This way they let you save more and you get additional discounts as well.

Triple Play Select Package:

You can check it on Spectrum website this package has a lot to offer, you can get high speed internet (depending on the area) up to 100 Mbps and Cable Services for TV that has 125+ Channels and it also has Home Phone Services that means you will get all three services under one bill that is around $99.9 only.

Spectrum Silver Play Package:

They are offering Spectrum Silver Play package that comes along with all three services that is Internet up to 200 Mbps, Cable TV that has more that 175+ channel including HBO and Showtime, yes you will be getting these channels too that is the best thing plus who can forget that they are also giving you the best Home-Phone services as well. All these services are only around $124.74.

Spectrum Gold Package:

This package is a package of your dreams. It is a premium package. You get blazing fast internet speed with NO DATA CAP and free internet modem as well. You will be getting 200+ channels including HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, STARZ ENCORE, NFL NETWORK and NFL too. They also give you DVR services for your TV. It also comes along with Home-Phone that has all the features one can ask for. This package is the most affordable package if we compare it with the services that Spectrum is offering. The price for this package is around $144.97.

But How do we SAVE more?

When you are getting services from different provider at the same time you pay more tax on top and you get less discounts but when you opt for Spectrum and choose a bundle package all your hassle will be removed because you will be paying for three services that includes your Internet, Cable TV and Home-Phone under One bill, this adds more value to your money and automatically saves you from paying those extra bucks on top.

The Cherry on Top:

The advantages of bundle packages do not end only here, you are also getting some additional features,

  • No contracts required.
  • Free Internet modem.
  • No early termination fee.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Free Spectrum TV App.

All these amazingly undeniable features offered by Spectrum makes it irresistible, and it proves that Bundle packages makes your life easier and it is a choice for the SMART people.

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