How to change the podcast name?

What is the Podcast?

The podcast is a digital audio file, made available on the Internet for download on a computer or mobile device, is usually available as a series of which new installments customers may automatically receive. The term podcast is actually a port of iPod and broadcast.

Do you know what is the importance of a good name in podcasts? The Quick ”is not a name you usually associate with a news show, but this podcast is designed to get the listener on the news of the day faster, so they can get on with more important things. The name makes viewers realize that the show has more personality than a traditional news show.

How to change Podcast name on Anchor? 

First of all click on settings and after the Update settings when accessing your account on the web. This is only for the computer. 

If you are changing your Podcast name from your Mobile phone click “Your Podcast” on the bottom right hand of the screen then click on Podcast Settings. Here you can change your podcast name, description, category, language, etc.

How to change Podcast name on Spotify? 

First of all, whatever you want to keep the name of your podcast, create a Facebook id with the same name. After making, Enter the settings in your Spotify application and then click on the social tab. After this click on the ” Connect Facebook”. Now your name on Facebook will be your Spotify username. This is the best way to change the name of Spotify’s podcast. 

How to change Podcast name on iTunes?

If your display name is not what you want your podcast to look for in iTunes or other podcasting options, iTunes has a customization option for it. Go to your content settings page, and choose a new title and author name. From there, your RSS information will be changed and mirrored in iTunes. By doing this you can easily change the name of your podcasts on iTunes. 

How to change Podcast name on Podbean? 

If you want to change your Podcast name on Podbean first remember this changing the Podcast name will also change your podcast site URL and podcast feed URL. To change your Podbean username, Go to the “Account” and go to the “My Account” page in your Podbean account. After that click “Edit” to enter your new username and click the “Save” button. It will take about 2 hours for the new username to take effect.

So in this article, I have told you how you can change the podcast name in some big applications. If you use an application other than these, you can change your podcast name by going to the application’s account settings.

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