How to change Username in TikTok | 5-Steps( With Screenshots)

When you first create a TikTok account, the video-sharing application will automatically provide you with a username. However, you have the ability to change the username given to you by the app. Our guide will show you how to do this.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the TikTok app on iOS. Also note, you can only change your username on TikTok once every 30 days.

Step 1: Tap the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Step 2 : Tap on edit profile

Step 3: Now Tap on your current username

Step 4: Then a pop will show so simply click on got it .

Step 5: Now enter your favourite username that you want to use make sure that your username is unique .

After doing all these steps your username has been changed but if you change your username then you are not able to change your username again before 30 days so first select your username and then use it.

So, guys, I hope you will understand how to change the username in TikTok. if you like this article then give your feedback through comment and share it with others. 

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