Best Video Marketing Software and Tools for Online Marketers

Internet is becoming bread and butter for most people. Most of the brands have shifted from traditional marketing to online marketing in the recent past. From product launches to attracting new customers, online marketing plays a pivotal role.

Video marketing is gaining massive traction among brands and business owners. The reason is people like to get loads of information in a short span. Only a few like to read long posts and articles to get the information.

Video marketing is an effective technique to increase conversions and bring traffic to the website. Every individual spends at least 5.5 hours every day watching videos. If you want to gain the maximum benefit of video marketing, the first thing you have to bear in mind is a good and speedy internet connection.

Whether you are running an agency or solely managing all your clients, high-speed internet will help you manage all your tasks from managing websites to social media and video marketing. Cox is a reliable service provider that offers affordable plans along with customer support 24/7. Be it an English speaker or Spanish, you can get in contact with them to get assistance and resolve your problems. Cox servicio al cliente en español gives timely support to Spanish speakers and assists whenever needed. You can also approach Cox customer support through live chat and social media.

Now you are ready to do online stuff without any issues. Let’s move on to our main topic best video marketing software and tools you can incorporate to start promoting your business.


If you want to get the most out of YouTube video marketing, VidIQ has got you covered. The tool helps boost your brand’s reach and gain an audience without much effort. For instance, the tool features YouTube metrics that will help you gain an insight into what works best. As you may know how important keyword research plays role in boosting your rankings and position. VidIQ allows you to do in-depth keyword research so that you can optimize your video with appropriate and user-internet keywords.

For thumbnails, you don’t have to look for another tool because VidIQ allows you to do so without exiting the screen. Other key features include competitor research, stats comparison, and email notifications for trending topics.


One of the best video marketing tools is TubeBuddy, which is available for free and offers a mobile app along with an extension. After setting it up and integrating with YouTube, you will get key stats and metrics to help you level up your marketing efforts.

TubyBuddy brings lots of features to help you do video marketing the right way. For instance, you can generate catchy thumbnails to attract visitors. You can even schedule your post, turn on comment filters, do A/B video testing, and do keyword research. TubeBuddy also helps you monitor social media accounts including Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.


Veed is another great online tool for video marketers, especially targeted towards novices. Whether you want to create online lectures, start a vlogging channel, or run a campaign for a big brand, Veed has all the features you need to start your online video campaign. The tool also allows you to convert videos into any format including MOV, animated gifs, WMV, MP4, AVI, and FLV.

Veed also offers another great feature that is a teleprompter. Read your script while making videos and get your recordings done in minutes. Moreover, you can also add subtitles to your videos so that audience can understand what you are talking about without missing important details.


If you have been searching for the best video marketing software and tools for a while, you must take a look at Agorapulse at least once. It is more of a social media management tool to help you augment video content. The tool allows you to discover trending hashtags, schedule posts, topic recommendations, and track audience interactions.


Vidyard is another best video marketing tool designed specifically for businesses to catch audience attention. The tool allows you to grab leads, corporate communications, and employee training. Moreover, Vidyard also features an analytics tool to measure the performance of your campaigns. The tool also helps you to integrate tools like Hubspot to keep track of your leads.


Animoto is a great video marketing tool used by millions across the globe, be it vloggers, photographers, or marketers. The tool helps you to create a slideshow to help you create a portfolio. Moreover, the built-in templates allow you to create videos in a matter of minutes with a few tweaks to customize your video.

Animoto offers numerous stock photos, fonts, and colors to help you create videos according to your brand’s voice. Lastly, you can also add a watermark to your videos for brand recognition.

Summing Up

In this post, we have covered some of the best video marketing software and tools to help you with your marketing campaigns. Once you start using these tools, you will come to know the working and functionalities without any difficulties.

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