Vega Off Road D/V Secret Dull Anthracite Black Helmet Review – 2020


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Key features of Vega Off Road D/V Secret Dull Anthracite Black Helmet:

This helmet comes with a superior fit and comfort provided using advanced CAD technology. Due to the high-quality and durable material, this helmet is very comfortable for its rider. The visor that is attached to it gives you a clear and wider range of views.

         This is an ISI certified helmet that makes with a high-quality ABS material and for better protection multi-layer of EPS(Thermocol) also present. The top hood will give a good constrain for sunlight with a little use in rain. It has an internal google style visor with a removable external visor for day and night drive. The advanced vents that are present inside the helmets work properly and give a good circulation of air and don’t make you feel Suffocated. The internal visor constructs in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct even if you have spectaculars it fits perfectly. The Metallic Quick release silent buckle prohibits the displacement of your helmet when you are using it.


If you are on the market looking for an offroad good quality and durable material than this is highly recommended from us and you can go for it without any delay.

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