How to use FSJ 18 in cod mobile

Hello friends today’s topic is how to use FSJ 18 in cod mobile so if you don’t know about this then you can read this post completely because in this post I will tell you How to use FSJ 18 in cod mobile.

How to use FSJ 18 in cod mobile

It is used to to attack scorestreaks of enemy.

Example :- when you see enemy using Air streak then we will destroy his plane by the rocket before he uses it.

Now aim the launcher at Sky and destroy it.

Whenever any enemy tries to uses the the score Streak (reward for killing lot of enemies) and when you hear “Hostel Hunter killer drain inbound“or command like that check the sky and blast the airplane.

use FSJ 18 in cod mobile

Now check the sky for clean and aim for it.


What does the FHJ 18 do?

The FHJ-18 AA’s sole purpose is to destroy enemy Scorestreaks, and it is done by aiming at them for a few seconds to lock on (the short beeps indicate it is locking, the long continuous beep means it has locked on), after which the weapon can be fired.

How do you shoot rocket launchers in Call of Duty Mobile?

To use this rocket launcher you must equip it in your starting loadout, and it will only work against vehicles. To do this, the reticle will light up in red when we are pointing at a vehicle and you only have to press on the screen to shoot.

Is bk57 good cod mobile?

BK57 is in assault rifle weapon class of Call of Duty Mobile that has high accuracy, fire rate, and decent damage. Overall a good weapon to use.


You will also get nice score why destroying plane use it for score streak gun and many more weapons.

So this is the simple method to use FSJ18 in cod mobile. I hope you will understand How to use FSJ 18 in cod mobile. So if you like this post and give your feedback and comment and share this with your friends

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