How to turn on video commenting on TikTok | 7 -steps ( With screenshots )

So hey guys today’s topic is about how you can turn on commenting in your TikTok videos because sometimes due to any glitch and problem of app the video connection will be turned off by mistake so if you want to turn on video commenting then you are at the right place read the full article and turn on your video commenting.

Steps to Turn on video Commenting :

  1. Open “TikTok” app

2. Tap on profile button in the below-right corner of the screen

3. Now,  Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

4.  From the drop-down list of options, you have to select “Privacy and Settings”.

5. Now find “Who can post comments” and open it.

6. Now there are three options in front of you that are given below with their meanings.

  • Everyone  
  • Friends
  • Off 

Everyone – If you want someone to comment in your video.

Friends – If you want only your friends can comment in your video

Off – If you want no one can comment in your video.

7. Now select “Everyone” either “Friends” i am selecting everyone and then go back and you’re setting was saved successfully and now commenting is on on your video according to the option that you selected.

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