How to Timeout on twitch | 3 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

Hello friends today’s topic is how to timeout on twitch so if you don’t it know about this then you can read this post completely because in this post I will tell you how to Timeout on twitch with step by step.

How to Timeout on twitch

1. Login to your twitch account and click on the username.

Timeout on twitch

2. Click on the Timeout user.

Timeout on twitch

3. You can also time out by typing “/timeout username” in text box.

Timeout on twitch

So this will basically stop them in the chat for 10 minutes but after 10 minutes there will be unbanned. You can timeout 2 people for a custom amount of time by typing “/timeout username and the number of seconds”

Timeout on twitch

Example : if you type “/timeout username 60” it means you can stop them for 1 minute because 60 seconds is equal to 1 minute.

Timeout also delete messages of the person that got timed out.


Are twitch chat bans permanent?

If your account is suspended, you may not access or use Twitch services, including watching streams, broadcasting, and chatting. … Note on bot accounts: While we welcome bots that add new features to Twitch chat and Whispers, bot accounts that spam unwanted messages will be banned indefinitely.

How long does a twitch ban last?

Twitch’s broadcast policies state that account suspensions are usually temporary and can last between one and 30 days. But streamers can be suspended indefinitely for more “severe violations,” even if it’s their first offense. It’s up to Twitch to determine what a severe violation is, though.

What happens when you get timed out on twitch?

This command allows you to temporarily ban someone from the chat room for 10 minutes by default. This will be indicated to yourself and the temporarily banned subject in chat on a successful temporary ban. A new timeout command will overwrite an old one.


By using the simple method you can easily timeout people on twitch so if you understand how to timeout on twitch if you like this post then give your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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