Top 10 Trending TikTok Effects – 2022

Hello friends, As you know, daily keeps on running new videos on TikTok and some amazing effects are definitely seen in them, so Today In this post you will know about the “Top 10 trending TikTok effects”.

Top 10 Trending TikTok Effects

TikTok effects

These are the “Top Trending TikTok effects” Which are the most used on TikTok-

1. Galaxy Glasses

Galaxy Glasses

This is one of the most used effects on TikTok. In which we can create some amazing videos through funny sunglasses, in these videos two or more people can come together.

Galaxy Glasses effect TikTok video link

2. True Love

True love

This is another amazing TikTok effect in which you can create a beautiful love effects video by adding many photos. In this type of video, you get to see some love effects from above your photo.

True Love effect TikTok video link

3. Emoji Face

Emoji face

You will have a lot of fun in making videos of this type because Emoji Face is a funny type TikTalk effect in which some emojis are seen above your head and it fills your video completely with dynamic emojis effect.

Emoji Face effect TikTok video link

4. Split Screen-2

Split screen2

Split screen is a very famous TikTok effect, in this, you can create very funny videos as you move, your video screen will be divided into different parts so that the screen split effect on your video is very spectacular. Those who watch these effects, Those highly appreciate it.

Split Screen 2 effect TikTok video link

5. Fiery Eye

Fiery eye

This is a very cool TikTok effect in which you can show your eyes exactly like a fiery so that you can surprise the viewers, that’s why this effect is used by many people in their videos.

Fiery Eye effect TikTok video link

6. Film Photography

Film Photography

In this effect, all the movements you make in your video will be shown as the starting scene of a movie poster which looks very exciting and this effect is liked by a lot of people on TikTok.

Film Photography effect TikTok video link

7. TikTok Poloroid

TikTok Poloride

TikTok Polaroid is a simple TikTok effect but still, it looks very cool because whenever we make our video and someone wants to show the sudden scene in the video, it captures it in a fun way in the last Takes when you use this effect, then you will like it even more.

TiikTok Poloroid effect TikTok video link

8. Solo Switch

Solo Switch

Solo switch is another very creative TikTok effect that many TikTok creators use in their videos, in this effect you can play your video pausing every second in a different way in which you can show a new action every time.

Solo switch effect TikTok video link

9. Color Switch

Color Switch

Colors Switch Effect TikTok has a lot of used effects, with this effect we can make different types of videos, no matter what kind of video, different colors changes every second, So you can see it by changing the color, which has very beautiful transition effects.

Color switch effect TikTok video link

10. Tear


If you want to make a sad video on TikTok, then this effect will be perfect for you. Because if you bring your face in front of the camera, then tears will start coming out of your eyes automatically and this is the special thing about this effect, that’s why this effect is so much famous.

Tear effect TikTok video link

So these are the Trending TikTok effects used a lot. By using them, many TikTok creators have become very popular through TikTok and you can also make amazing videos by using these TikTok effects.

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