How to split ammo in PUBG | 4 – Steps

Hello friends , today I am going to tell you how to split Ammo in pubg. In this article I will told you how you can split Ammo in pubg with step by step so read this article for complete details.

split ammo in PUBG

How to split ammo in PUBG

Step 1 : First of all , for split Ammo in pubg you have to pull up your inventory in the game.

Step 2 : Now hold the CTRL key over the item that you want to split.

Step 3 : After it , when you Drag the item to the “ground,” then a window will appear that will give you the option to type out exactly how much you wish to drop.

Step 4 : If the window does not appear for you when you use the CTRL key to split ammo then it might be an issue surrounding custom key binding. If you are using custom key binding, then you should go into the settings options and manually assign another key for it.


Is AUG better than m416?

It supports 5.56 ammo type and it can be found anywhere very easily and does a hit damage of 43. But, if you are looking for a similar traits as of its rival, availability of this weapon and it’s attachments included and most importantly it’s stability in ADS then M416 is the weapon of your choice…

Is AKM better than m762?

Both guns can one shot someone without a helmet. AKM shoots much slower than M762 making M762 have a much higher DPS. AKM has less recoil compared to M762. Since AKM does more damage per bullet it is better for long range.

How do I drop items in PUBG?

Here’s how to drop items in PUBG. Enter your inventory by pressing [TAB] or [I]. Click and drag the item across the left side of your screen to the slot where it says [Ground] and release. Dropping a weapon that’s got attachments equipped will drop both.


So, this is the simple method to Split Ammo in pubg game and I hope you will understand very easily how to Split ammo in pubg. If you like this post share your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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