How to set password in TikTok | 4 – Steps ( With screenshots )

So hello guys in this article I will teach you how you can secure your TikTok account by setting password because this is the world of cybercrime so to safe your TikTok account it is important to secure your account by setting a strong password. so read the full article and secure your TikTok account.

Steps to set password :

  1. Open the TikTok App.

2. Tap the Person icon at the bottom right of your screen to open your profile. – You may have to log in to view your profile.

3. Choose “Manage My Account” and choose “Password”

Set Password in tiktok

4. Now Tap on password

5. Now type your new password and then click on done. Then your password will be saved.

So, guys, I hope you will understand how to set a password. if you like this article then give feedback through comment and share it with others so they can also secure their account.

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