How to securely watch Netflix with NordVPN on mobile devices

Do you want to stream Netflix from mobile devices? You need a VPN that Netflix cannot detect and NordVPN is the best one that allows you to watch Netflix from android devices. The VPN can easily bypass geo-location blocks and stream Netflix and other restricted platforms easily.

Here, I will share how to securely watch Netflix with NordVPN on mobile devices? We use the VPN on smartphones because Netflix US is only available for American users. Now, enjoy Netflix with NordVPN content from anywhere using the smartphone.

How to securely watch Netflix with NordVPN on mobile devices?

It is pretty simple to enjoy Netflix using NordVPN on a smartphone. Follow the steps:

Download and install the NordVPN app on your smartphone.

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Register the NordVPN account using valid credentials.

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Connect your selected country server.

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Now, browse Netflix and select the content that you want to watch.

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Enjoy the latest streamings without any restriction.

The VPN stopped Netflix when the internet dropped or disconnected. So, your IP and identity will be hidden.

Why choose NordVPN for Netflix?

Netflix has its different variants for 190 countries and you can only watch your country based Netflix contents. NordVPN has all these country’s IP servers to watch all NetFlix content freely. The VPN can unblock geo-restrictions and allows you to stream Netflix contents that are blocked in your country.

NordVPN restricts 3rd party access to your device. It has 256-bit AES encrypted security and does not keep logs. Also, you can stay safe from DNS and IPv6 leak protection. The internet never is slowed down while using the VPN and good internet speed is needed for streaming.

It has a dedicated Double VPN section so you can do P2P file sharing and torrenting. Cybersec security protects you from malware and phishing. You can download apk files using the VPN without entering the Google Play Store. Due to its less setting option, it is suitable for beginners and less demanding users.

Sign up for Netflix from your country

Netflix is available in several countries and you can sign up for Netflix using a VPN. You must have a Netflix gift card from a verified seller. The card is sold everywhere in the world. Now, connect the NordVPN with the desired country and register Netflix through the gift card code. Enjoy the live streaming every time from your smartphone and location.

Why is the Kill Switch feature important?

The NordVPN software automatically disconnects the connection in case the VPN stops working. It is called Kill Switch. The Kill Switch can be set to block the connection for the entire device or choose which applications to block. Even the best VPNs can run into technical problems and get disconnected. In this case, the Kill Switch guarantees the protection of your data.

When the VPN has a glitch, it could happen without your knowledge and you may then find yourself browsing unprotected unknowingly. This is especially risky if you leave your device connected to the Internet even when you are away, such as if you download torrents at night or while away from home. The Kill Switch function protects you automatically at any time.

NordVPN is great for Torrenting and US Netflix

NordVPN has tons of servers that work very well for torrenting. The same servers are also very effective for bypassing geo-restrictions imposed by some sites like Netflix.

NordVPN can unblock US Netflix and many other geolocated sites. We tested NordVPN to unblock US Netflix and were able to access the US library without any problems. Not all servers work with Netflix as this popular online movie streaming site blocks VPN IPs all the time. If a server doesn’t allow you to access Netflix, you simply have to try a different one. Alternatively, use live chat to ask for the server currently running with Netflix.

As for torrenting, the connection is fast as well as secure. For this purpose, NordVPN has made available to its customers P2P-optimized servers that guarantee speed and security. In the application, you will find the list of special servers for torrent and P2P.

NordVPN provide efficient customer support through live chat

If you need assistance while watching Netflix, you can contact NordVPN through the support system on the official website or using the convenient live chat. Through live chat, you can request technical assistance, information on the service, instructions to set up the VPN on the router, request a server working with Netflix, and much more.

Having a live chat available 24 hours a day is certainly a great convenience that allows you to solve any problem in a few minutes. Whenever we have used live chat during our tests, the response has always been fast and very competent.

In addition, there is extensive technical documentation on the site that assists you in every step of using the VPN. Here you will find guidelines to set up VPN on different devices, troubleshooting, and tips on how to make the most of NordVPN’s services. There are currently over 500 guides and tutorials available.

Final thought

This NordVPN is safe and fast. While providing state-of-the-art security performance, NordVPN is simple to use and doesn’t make your life difficult. We have discussed the steps and facts of streaming Netflix with NordVPN on how to securely watch Netflix with NordVPN on mobile devices article.

Once activated on your device, all your data is protected without you having to do anything else. The VPN server network is among the best on the market, with over 5700 servers available spread across 60 countries. The service is also very effective in bypassing geolocation by unblocking Netflix and other otherwise blocked sites. If you are a torrent and P2P lover, NordVPN guarantees you security and speed.

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